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The Weekend, at last! What are you doing?


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The weekend has finally arrived, thank god! Doesn't it seem unfair that we have to wade/sleep through 5 days of work/crap, so we can have two days to enjoy to ourselves?

Unfortunately I don't see a whole lot of heady shows going on in Toronto this weekend. There is the marijuana march tomorrow though, which is always a nice option. Here's a couple of interesting sounding things I found for tonight, nothing for tomorrow night. Any input, I don't know much about either band, worth seeing?


IDrum CD release (40-member Afro-Caribbean percussion ensemble).



God Made Me Funky (funk jam band).

God Made Me Funky has been widely recognized in the Toronto music scene for its highly energetic and outstanding live musical entertainment.

The band specialize in dance remixes of funk, soul, r&b, motown, acid-jazz, reggae, and hip-hop classics. Updating ‘old school’ favourites with a modern dance-music sound influenced by the electronica genres of house, breakbeat, techno, and drum & bass, GMMF’s inspired and inventive style combines the best of modern music while staying grounded in a classic retro sound.

The band to see if you want to go home with a smile on your face and a groove in your booty!

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If you're in TO and have nothing to do - or even if you have something to do, change your plans and - go see God Made me Funky. These guys ROCK!! They'll have you shakin' your ass all night......from Stevie Wonder to Micheal Jackson. I saw them a couple of years ago.....and true to the word, I walked out with HUGE smile on my face!

Lots of energy, couple of bass players.....one's a girl who just slaps that thing around (unless there's been a line-up change!?!?)

Have FUN ::

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Going to see the Fat Cats tonight :: and will make a point of also checking out the reggae DJ spinning in the lounge for sure!

Tomorrow, after an afternoon walk on the Chedoke trail I think I might stay in. My significant other will be out of town so I might just bunker down with some new music (Pat Metheny "Travels", hopefully the Phish Vegas shows), a good 'ol bowl, some cold Formosa Spring Lagers and have some quality MarcO time. On the other hand, I may go down to Pepper Jack's or to BNB in Brantford and get totally loaded. ::

Apart from that, reading, napping, cleaning, talking to myself, watching my neighbours get changed..... that kinda thing.

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Checkin' out Contact/Jomamma and planting an herb garden. Is it too early to plant herbs outside? ::

I also have plans to check out Big Fish (don't get excited Second Tube, I'm talking the movie). :)

Hey Sharon,

Vicki and I are ready to plant herbs too, but we're going to wait two weeks. I think we'll still get a frost or two in the next 14 days.

Also, I saw Big Fish two nights ago and I highly recommend it. I cried like a baby at the end of the movie. Vicki cried in the middle, but both of our tear shedding experiences were caused by beautiful and touching scenes. Enjoy!

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I can't wait to see big fish. I almost saw it in the theatre a few times, but it just wasn't meant to be. maybe next weekend. As for this weekend, I think I'll just get drunk and do my laundry tonight. WOOO! I'd really like to see CONTACT though. I think they kick ass. My favourite four on the floor band.

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