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Lose a Loved One or Love a Loser? (discuss)


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hmmm... convincing argument sunshine! i might have to change my answer, heheh, i am the classic waffler. i think i'm just reminded of this dickwad from my days on the left coast and wishing the whole thing never happened. but, i can assure it will NEVER happen again, so this is a good thing. and i have to agree, loved ones are best kept close by...

goodness, is this too much information? ah well. ::

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I can tell you one thing....I've dated a handful of losers (horrible losers)....however, the one loser I cared for (even though he wasn't nice), but in the end when I left him...I kept in contact with his mom....and she thanked me for everything I did...because after me...he never touched her again...if you get my drift.

Sometimes I think I was put here to show love to the less loved ones....although my days of taking care of losers is over!!!

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