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Im going home Donny

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Hey Ottawa.....my cousin is in town and I have Monday till Thursday next week off.......any ideas for daytime attractions? Also anyone getting together at a pub or any drinking establishment? He's British, he's a Barsellotti and therefore he drinks....so if anyones got any ideas or plans give us a call.

I was thinking of bringing him to MOntreal but I don't know Montreal that well......I need ideas :: :)

Also....we are going to Peterborough Thursday evening. I will be driving back to Ottawa after the show. If one or two folks want to come give me a shoutskies. ::

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I wouldn't mind hitting the Gats this weekend....have to plan around workskies though. The leaves are changin out here in Crap. As for cousin Steven my mum and her boyfreind are taking him to Algonquin park this weekend.

Museum of Civalization-done

Art gallery-done

I think he likes trains,planes and war kinda stuff.....suggestions?

Also....back to drinking.....anyone up for some early week drinking....early evening in a Westborough pub anyone?

I may take him to the Gatineaus during the week if any of you non-9-5ers are in give me a shout. ::

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::thanks kids. I'll give call about,post about some westboro drinkin' Monday or tuesday? ::

any further development on this? i'm supervising field hockey practice [i know nothing, nothing about field hockey] til probably 5 tonight... i can always squeeze a drink or 2 into the day though, especially when the weather is pretty much as perfect as perfect comes. yay? nay?

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