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~happy birthday to... the *five feet of fury* !!!~


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some of you know her, some of you don't, but she's one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world.

happy happy happy birthday to my wonderful, darling, funny, fun, bratty, mischevious, loving, kind and generous sister, melissa michelle! (known to most of you as "missy" or *the five feet of fury*)

hope you are enjoying your trip out in calgary, and i hope you have a fantastic birthday!!! unfortunately, i don't have any embarassing bathtub pictures of you here with me at work today, but we'll see about tomorrow. heehee

thanks for being the greatest sister ever. i'm definitely looking forward to tearing up the rocktoberfesting floors with you this year (that girl can dance a mean polka!). and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your pushy ways, without you i would never have touched billy idol. ::

viva los mullets!!!

and of course, happy birthday.




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thanks becky.

your message almost made me cry.

i miss you, but im having the time of my life!!

i love being here with sharyn, and calgary is a really cool city.

and yes, we will tear up the dance floor once again this year at oktoberfest....maybe more random ladies will approach me and tell me how amazing we are ;)

no bathtub pics please hahahahahaha

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Hey missy - hope you haven't worn out that "It's my birthday - buy me a drink" t-shirt (i would imagine after all the times you've worn it this year, it's probably pretty beer soaked)

My all time favorite designated driver BETTER have the night off tonight, because lady, you deserve to get your freak on and go bulk chuck wild... woohoo!!!

And hey, while you're in calgary, try and round some of that greasy alberta beef ---->


Missed you at the girlie party :( - but don't worry, i'll guilt trip you when you get home :)

happy birthday, sweet cheeks!

Love Mir

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indeed. I'm on 13th ave and 9th street SW, which is about a 2 minute walk to all the action on 17th, you shoulda called last night, we ended up getting pretty stinky on my front porch for the greatest reason of all, none. I'm sure we'll be doing the same thing tonight as well, except with reason, its Friday. Give me a call for sure, not to sure about the crack alley but we'll see, maybe we'll giver before hand. A shwack load of us are going curling Saturday early night if you're interested, its loads of fun, we usually almost get kicked out everytime we go due to shananigans but again we'll see and again give me a ring this evening and we'll sort things out.

cheers and Happy birthday.


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A shwack load of us are going curling Saturday early night if you're interested

ahahahahahahahaha!!!!! i hope she comes on & sees this in time... back in high school, the *five feet of fury* (who had an 8" pink mohawk at the time, usually up in liberty spikes), and a couple of her fellow punk-rock-catholic-schoo-girl-friends (also fellow bandmates of the now defunct all girl punk band, rassinette), decided, as a joke, to join our school's curling team. they ended up loving curling so much that they stayed on the team & if i remember correctly, i think they were even pretty good.

i never did get to make it to a meet, but it makes me laugh even to this day, to imagine the reactions of people when the st. mary's catholic school curling team would walk in, with mohawks, spiked dog collars and chains. :: hahahahahahaha

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I LOVE CURLING!!!! and ya we were REALLY good....i even made the intermediate team in my last 2 years!! we went to cwossa one year (that's like high school finals for southern ontario). i think we might be going to banff on sat, so i dont know if the curling thing will work out. that would be amazing tho.....

schwa, id drive you to the hospital anything you need it ;)

besides, it was a fun little adventure....rrrright?

and becky, the mohawk was at least a foot high during those curling days, and my band was called rassinet, not rassinette. ::

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