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Gov't Mule -- Sunday in TO

snarfmaster C

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I sure hope we can get to TO at a decent time. Saturday in Ottawa is going to be pretty insane with Burt Neilson Band and Stephen Franke.

I'm really looking forward to this. The Mule set me straight last year. I dug 'em like crazy.

What's the deal with this venue anyway?

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Can hardly wait!! :: Outside of TM, you might try Sonic Temple for a ticket, or if you're near Kitchener, perhaps Encore Records. As for being smoke-friendly, this venue is not used very often, so likely the promoters will have to hire security, and hopefully they'll pick the same ones as were at the Danforth last time. If not, the side doors of the venue open out to the lake and a patio of sorts, so you may be able to smoke and watch the band simultaneously (I know this was the promoter's hope). And BTW, last I heard, advance ticket sales were very good, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's a sellout, or really close to night of show.

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