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Whose got my heady job... Toronto edition


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Well it seems like I have finally put to close a crazy Chapter ( no pun intended ) of my life today. I had been toying with the idea for over a year now and finally had to just up and walk away. I either just made the best decision of my life or the worst but only time will tell. I will tell you it feels as though a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders. On the other hand , Im a bit freaked out having to pay rent in February and am currently broke after Christmas and New Years. Anyways, I am a creative, up beat approachable typr of retail manager that is looking to get back into the music (ie CD's, DVD sales ) biz and far away from the cruel world of books. Its not as great as it sounds working in a bookstore I'll tell you. At least at the management level. Actually anything in entertainment would be great so Julia, still want my resume? I could have it for you this week. Well that is all... off to writing a very creative January cover letter. Oh joy , the greatest time of the year to look for work. But hey.. Im smiling!

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Bob, you know I’ll do whatever I can to help--just let me know.

That being said (and I could be wrong) but I suspect you’d encounter the same bureaucratic bullsh!t here that made you miserable there(though I am obviously not privy to all the details of that particular situation). We can talk about it a bit more thoroughly to see if it might actually be something that would be fulfilling and rewarding for you.

Regardless, congratulations on taking this important first step--better things are ahead!

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PoG, have you considered working at bookstore that's not one of the big chains? In Toronto, I can think of two: Bakka, on Yonge St. just North of Wellesley, which specializes in science fixtion and fantasy, and Pages at Queen St. W and John St. Both are small, independent, and run and staffed by people who love books (and magazines and other reading material). Pages, in particular, is incredibly eclectic, carrying a lot of small and independent publishers' stuff. I'm not sure if they're hiring, but with your experience in book retailing (and your disdain for the big stores :) ), you might have a chance.



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way to go my friend!

it feels so good to realize our lives are worth more than a paycheck.

happiness is the key my brother

i'm not far away now, so call on me anytime

if you need a friend to talk to, a buddy to burn one down with, or a few bucks to get you by...i'm here for ya man

i think we've had this discussion before, but i cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have a trade.

i just took a year and a half off from welding and got a job again my first try.

apprenticeships are a great way to go!

trades people are needed BIG TIME in this country, and the pay is good too.

heck my new job is union with benefits and more ::

whatever you do, remember things happen for a reason and this is simply a new page in the life of POG

stay positive

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re: trades

When I was out of work I went to the gov't to try and get trained in a trade. But they wouldn't train me because I was already 'skilled'. So let me get this straight, the gov't would rather pay 1000's of out of work tech people to be unemployed, than pay to train them in a trade which is waaay in demand right now? Weird...

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hey cowboy, do you need highschool or ged for a welding apprenticeship? or is experience welding enough of a qualification? there seems to be so many programs for this on the internet and a lot of the sites i turn up in a search are expired or geared to highschool kids, or are extremely expensive. i'm looking for someone else, i'm not in to making metal covered books or anything. :D

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i chose not to do an apprenticeship (although i recommend them highly)

in BC, trades people have the option of an apprenticeship (working for a company under the guidance of a journeyman for 4 years) or going the college route.

with an apprenticeship, you go to a trades school for 6 weeks out of the year for each of the four years, and work the rest of the time.

with the college route you only go to school for 1, 2 or 3 years, depending on how skilled you hope to become.

With welding there are 3 levels of training.

A level "C" welder program is 7 months in school and 5 months work experience. When that is completed you get a C stamp in your log book and are eligible to take the next level. Level "B" is 5 months in school and 7 months work. The last level of training is level "A" which gets into more exotic metals, piping, etc. and is 2 months in duration followed by 10 months of work. Once you obtain all your welding stamps in your log book you are a recognized journeyman in your field of trade.

I chose the college route and took all levels of training.

If you are still in high school or never graduated then you can talk to the instructor about being accepted into the program. There are still only a few female welders in this industry, and they make some of the best trades people!

i absolutely LOVE welding. But if math, or the study of metallurgy or blueprint reading is not your thing, then you might not enjoy it. Also, i get very dirty and smell like burnt steel everyday. Not to mention my burned up hands and nose full of black carbon dust!!

anyway, hope that helps

one more thing...to be accepted into an apprenticeship you have to have a job lined up. this may not be as difficult as it seems, because companies are rewarded financially for taking on apprentices. So don't let that be a deterrent to ya!

with an apprenticeship you don't start off at a trade wage. However, you do get a raise every year over the four years until you have completed the training at which time you will be paid a journeymans wage. I liked the school route, because after my first level of training i got a job paying $25/hr. Kind of nice i didn't have to wait another 3 years to receive that kind of paycheck

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dude - good move on walking away from heather's gang of book whores...

myself and all of my peers were fired from that company after not hitting the financial results that would enable her to put the platinum gilt on the cieling of one of the wings of her fortress.

that company is not good enough for a guy of your quality, only raj and all of his get-boy cronies will thrive in a sh!t hole like that.

that pile of fu©k nuts left a reeeaaalll bad taste in my mouth.

good on ya'


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