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What are you listening to right now?


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I love the picks so far... Esau.. hows that Mule treatin ya?

Booche.. dancin eh?

and an Iron man.. nice one whats the groove like BB?

myself, i have gotten caught up in Phish tonight... am into the first song of the Island tour..TUBE! with all rumours possibly coming true i would love a SBD copy of this run...

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I've moved onto the Abbey-Road medley done by Umphrey's on 12-31-02.

Some rough harmonies here and there, obviously, but HOT DAMN if they aint nailing that shit with their instruments and adding (saxamaphone) to it here and there.

Cripes, they even attempted it from Because. They got balls like a moose for trying that one on for size, even though they probably wish it were better.

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I love the picks so far... Esau.. hows that Mule treatin ya?

Man...I'm listening to it again if that means anything.I downloaded it last week & just tonight gave it a listen as expectations were already set high since my buddy Brendan went to roo & filled me in on this set before it was available so being a huge Temple of the dog fan I was eagerly awaiting this set.

Honestly,I can't think of anyone else that could sing this song now-a-days & kick my ass (aside from Eddie & Temple)...but Warren does...chills & shivers.

I haven't been really searching latley but I seriously hope that Mule has or does play Hunger Strike on its own...

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Gov't Mule


Bonnaroo. Manchester, TN

disc one

1. John The Revelator

2. Thorazine Shuffle

3. Slackjaw Jezebel

4. Time To Confess

5. I'll Be The One

6. Bad Man Walking

7. Bad Little Doggie

8. About To Rage

9. Lola Leave Your Light On

disc two

1. Baby I'm amazed

2. Fallen Down >

3. Terrapin Station

4. Hunger Strike > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Hunger Strike

5. Mule

6. Soulshine

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Out in the Cold" from 'Into the Great Wide Open' (1991, MCA), though the track I'm listening to is on the Petty box set 'Playback' (1995, MCA).

I'm getting pumped for my birthday show with the Heartbreakers at Darien Lake on Saturday!

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I've just finished listening to Joel Plaskett's album La De Da for the first time.. Initial response: sounds pretty good, but not his best work.

hey dude.. im real curious which of his solo stuff you like better? personally, this is my favourite of anything he's done since clayton park.. not that i dislike anything else in the least, i just really like this one better than the last 2 emergency discs, and, mmmmmm, well, i really love in need of medical attention as well, but i think i'd give this one the nod...

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