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5 Disk Rotation


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Theres been a lot of good music passing through my head lately!! I'm gonna go over 5 I think..

1. GTB - Birth Of Confusion

2. The Velvet Underground - The Best Of..

3. Mississippi John Hurt (not sure on the title)

4. Charlie Mingus - Ah Um

5. Grateful Dead - 8/7/82 Alpine Valley

6. Nirvana - Unplugged

7. Kev's Cuts Vol. #13 (my latest mix, containing music by artists such as Van Halen, Bullfrog, People Under The Stairs, Madlib, DJ Greyboy, Peanut Butter Wolf, tND, Thievery Corporation, Talking Heads, Beatles, Jerry Garcia Band, The Phish, Leo Kottke, Dub Narcotic Sound System and Southern Culture On The Skids).

Eric, I'd love to hear your Pavement mix!!

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Well, I have been trapped in Newmarket for the past few days so I'm not sure what's in my player at home. In fact, the only thing I am sure of in my car is Gordon Lightfoot: Gord's Gold. However, in my laptop I've got Black Sabbath: Vol. 4.

I'll listen in my car on the way home I check my home stereo when I get there and then post the lot for interest's sake.

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I swear I was thinking of getting this one going myself on the car ride home today. Great minds, Ms Hux.

Lemonjelly- YOu are so right, Tungsten.Got this one from a buddy for Christmas, sooooo wicked "all the ducks are swimming in the water" catch the Uncle John's in that song?

My Bruce Springstein 73-82 mix- I'm all about New York Serenede right now

Nero's Eve - 12/31/02 - Dead-ly Zedonk

Phish - 01/03/03 - flubberiftic

GTB - Birth of Confusion - finally got a copy - very well produced and all your favs!

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1.Blood,Sweat and Tears-Blood,Sweat and Tears

2.J.J Cale-Naturally

3.Robert Cray-Bad Influence

4.Delaney & Bonnie-Ontour w/ Eric Clapton

5.The Flyin' Burrito Brothers-Burrito Deluxe

*Song that gets played daily after work:All-Diesel Dog


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Schwa- Do you know where I can find that Bob Marley show? That is the day I was born!!!

I'm listening to:

1. Mule - 8/30/97 w/ Greg Allman and Dave Schools

2. John Scofield - Works For Me

3. Warren Haynes - 06/26/97

4. Bob Dylan - Rolling Thunder Revue

5. The Band - Music From Big Pink

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Originally posted by arcane:

Hmmm ... Mostly I'm listening to the Alan Parsons Project, one of their "Best Of" albums, does it really matter which one?

"First came Grand Funk Railroad, which led to the Jefferson Airplane, which led to the Jefferson Starship ... this paved whe way for the Alan Parsons Project, which I believe was some sort of hovercraft."


Rob Not Bob

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Last five discs:

Transcendtal Hayride

Bob Weir and Friends (Warren xmas jam this past Dec)

Slip Stitch And Pass

Thom Yorke - Bridge School Benifit, second day

Radiohead - live 95, from Toronto, SWEET SHOW!

Oven Cake eh?

The pic on the cover is sweet too!

Thats about all I know though......... [Wink]

Tungsten, I should have NEVER let you give those up. Mike hasnt made me one of those cd's yet. I knew I should have kept them until I copped em.

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bah, i'm sorry booche, heeedz all mixed up.

yes, the 11th is the sndbrd, as most people have, which is what i'm listening to...

got the dates all mixed up in my head.

I do have the 13th but i think its the


12.13.97 - Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Source: Neumann U87 > Sony SX-M2 > Tascam DA-P1

Disc One

Set 1

1. Ya Mar > Jam >

2. Axilla >

3. Theme from the Bottom

4. Ginseng Sullivan

5. Strange Design >

6. Sample in a Jar

7. Vultures

8. Tube

9. Good Times Bad Times

Disc Two

Set 2


2. Punch You in the Eye

3. Ghost

4. Mike's Song (w/ Bring in the Dude Jam) >

5. Llama >

6. When the Circus Comes

Disc Three

Set 2, continued

1. Weekapaug Groove >

2. Catapult >

3. Weekapaug Groove

4. Harry Hood


5. My Soul

6. The Squirming Coil

very sorry to get your hopes up...

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Some live Umphrey's McGee - they are seriously sick.

STS9 - recent live stuff - LOVE the new tunes!

Garaj Mahal - live shit from Furthernet - Fareed Haque is a modern-day guitar GOD.

STINKMITT - they still crack me up.

I just heard Fred Durst is dating Britney Spears - is that true?! damn this is a strange world.

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