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Music Wishlist for 2006?


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Who would you all like to see play somewhat local this year? Since "tis the season"

here is my band/music wishlist for some local shows in 2006.Santa... are you listening? ;)

Bands that have played T.O that I'd love to see come back next year:

Steve Kimock Band


Derek Trucks Band

Umphreys Mcgee


Tea Leaf Green

Stephen Malkmus


Bands that I don't think have played T.O?:

Perpetual Groove

Animal Liberation Organization

Assembly of Dust


Railroad Earth

Lots of other great bluegrass type performers-

(David Grisman,Darol Anger/Mike Marshall,Sam Bush, Del McCoury etc)


Garaj Mahal


Dark Star Orchestra

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I'd love to see Panic play at LEAST a Buffalo or Rochester show. A 2006 Mule show would be great. A second Rolling Stones show would be really appreciated too considering they're playing Boston, NYC and Vegas more than 3 fuckin times.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS!!!!! I'm certain this will happen considering the new album comes out in April.

Neil Young, I love the new album

Kings Of Leon - I'm still yet to see live

It would also be nice to see Donna The Buffalo make it up here. I have a friend who was trying to get the talent buyer for Hillside turned on to the idea of having them up.

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sadies weekend in ottawa

frontier index cross-canada tour

there are rumours of a mono / pelican show in ottawa, that'd be sweet

tortoise should come back

wanna get tickets for stereolab and supergrass (not together) in montreal

coachella, bonnaroo

don't know about the second half of the year.


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I'm looking forward to being surprised at the Ottawa Bluesfest this summer. Besides that, I'm hanging on to rumours of impending visits from the Silverhearts and (parts of?) Caution Jam in the winter/spring.

That's without getting into the domain of phantasy. I'd love to catch Doc Watson some day, but don't know if he ever gets this far north. If not, maybe David Grisman and/or Tony Rice would do ;).

And while I'm still immersed in phantasy, catching Bruce Cockburn at, say, Maverick's would be nice.

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I kinda doubt DSO will ever come up here. Last I heard (5 years ago) a few members of the band have drug charges. Their agent also told me they're terrified of customs people and they get great garuntees in the U.S. and don't really need to come up here. I think I emailed the keyboardist once and he said he'd really love to come up as the Hamilton shows were some of his favorite Dead shows.

Marky? Any idea where they stand now?

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