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If the Person who Stole my Kermit the Frog Puppet..........

balogna pogna

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Max...think its time we had a one on one...

I was hoping you would forget all about me

but seeing how you think somebody took me, I thought I better set the record straight.

To be frank, I was sick of you sticking your

hand up my ass, and you getting all the laughs

with your so called "impressions" of ME!

I hopped my ass outta frontier town that night, with one of the bands...hung around the scene and then hit it big with weezer for a bit



got a little too influenced by the rock and roll lifestyle...


so decided to clean up and take it easy for awhile...mike gordon taught me some banjo..


went road trippin to really figure out "where do I want to be in this life"


then decided it was time for this frog to settle down...but first thought it over some more....



but in the end...I did it...settled down with... you guessed it!

miss piggy...here is a pic of our lovely family...

ya...I have a human kid...had to adopt...all those yrs with your hand up and around my junk ruin me ..fertile wise...I'll never forgive you or come back...


F U !!!

Kermit THE frog

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Okay so the puppet was spotted on the weekend by my sister but when confronted the "perp" ran away.

She was told I would get it back on Monday, but apparently it was stolen from the thief.

Please PM any leads to me personally as I am escalating the investigation and putting my top people on the case (yes that includes Shawnald!)

Otherwise what a wicked weekend. All my internal organs are hurting so that means I must have had fun.

Can't wait to see all you guys again and I promise a kickass puppet show for anyone who can produce any infomation that leads to the succesful return of Kermit.

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