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QotD: 2006-12-24 - Christmas Eve Dinner?


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OK, I'll take it as a given that most of us do the traditional dinner (turkey, stuffing, fixings, Christmas cake) on Dec. 25, but do any of you/us have special dinners the night before, on Dec. 24?

In my family, we don't. Tonight, I made burritos (onion, bell pepper, plum tomatoes, black beans, veggie ground round, served on whole wheat tortillas with grated cheese, with a salad on the side). Add in the nice Wolf Blass merlot (which my brother received as a gift; it's my favourite wine: free), and it was moderately memorable, but not particularly commemorative. In fact, I don't think I can even remember any Christmas Eve dinner, except for the one I'm currently digesting. Is my family alone in this, or do people have special stuff they do/eat on Christmas Eve?



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