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Tell us about your first time.


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So today's the 1st of the 1st. In light of that theme, I am curious about what brought everyone to this board in the first place.

What was your first post on this board? Why did you post it? When was it?

Here's mine. I posted for the first time, only because I was annoyed (about a topic that will become clear as you read my post) and was looking for someone to complain to. The Skank seemed like a good enough place to do that, even though I had never posted to any message board anywhere about anything before...

08/18/04 09:07 PM - Post#160467 -

In response to [color:blue]Vixon

I have never posted to this Board before, however, after this Pharewell show, I have to comment.

I was one of the unnamed friends of Velvet who joined him in this extravaganza.

As you have likely read Velvet's postings, I would think you can understand that it is hard to post anything about this experience in a truly positive light.

Frankly, I was more than a little annoyed that Phish seemed to begin lying to us months before the show, and continued to do so until the Saturday morning. Further, despite Mike's contention over the air on "the Bunny" that they "considered every option" to get the heads into the show, but there was "no choice" but to send everyone home, I find it very interesting that somehow tens of thousands of us made it in on our own. In my view, Phish took a very casual attitude toward its fans, who often travelled surreal distances at great expense to be there. I thought I had it rough, travelling about 5,000 kms, until I met people travelling from Switzerland and Japan! The fact is, Phish should have done SOMETHING. They did not have to leave us all out on the freeway plotting our anarchic solution as to how we would get in. All it would have required would have been a few shuttle buses picking us up along the highway to drive us in, with an assurance that our cars would be there on Monday morning when we returned. If Phish had merely offered that much, I would be much more forgiving right now. Instead, we had to figure it out ourselves.

I can certainly understand how nice of an ego-stroke it is to watch 70,000 people scramble around rural Vermont to salvage their roadtrip and see your band play, however, that is hardly an excuse for shutting us out and just sitting back to watch us suffer and freak out.

I feel really badly for people who actually left the show, and found out later that they could have gotten in!

Now, that being said, I am glad I went. Although the situation was far from ideal, and these were two of the weakest shows I have ever seen the band play, at least I have closure. In fact, I think I have the very closure I need to move on. Goodbye Phish; and frankly I don't know if I will truly miss you or simply my memories of what you used to be.

I know that some of you are going to read this and think I am just being negative. I even expect to receive replies that argue with some of what I said. Before you write those replies, though, think about it. Everyone deserves respect, and treating your fans as Phish treated us is hardly respectful.

Okay, I'll end on a positive note ... Chalkdust Torture rocked and I am glad I made it.


So ... there ya go. There's mine. Now, tell us about 'your first time'.

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my first posting was to say whatever i said

i am not good with a computer and was all over the board, i really was trying to figure out what to do and how to do with all said i am not much farther ahead but really enjoy it

i love to see lazlo post crazy things as thats what it is or saucy

happy new year

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I was sitting in my living room with a motley crew of characters that include Rabidmonkey (org. Nero bass player) Dr Giggles, Beats and others?? and they suggested a good way to keep up on things was to join this forum. I already belonged to the Phish Tape Traders Forum and had made the acquitance over there of such fine pholks as AD, Northern Wish, Mark Tonin. MarcO and others (anybody got a screen shot of the old board?)

And to top things off, my first post is the creation of the now infamous 5 disc rotation. From icebreaker to board mainstay, I love you all and will see most of you very, very soon. Here's the post


"Hey all, Scottieking here,

I've got to say, this board has some definite potential to further expand our Canadian head community. To whomever runs the site, keep up the good work cause I know it's hardwork. I've been doing this online thing on again off again since '98 and have been a phan for waaay longer and felt since I intend to be using this board a little more often (once again thanks to Ottawa lads down last weekend for bringin me on, Saturday afternoon just won't be the same) I'd let you cats who don't know me from the Canadian Tape Traders Board what I'm about.

The reason I love these things is that it serves as such a potential positive force for all who choose to get involved. Sure, opinions are great and need to be expressed but play nice, don't give in to bias, and try to hear the other side. I guess that's the teacher in me talkin. I guess I'm just trying to feel out if this is a place where this is going to be accepted or mocked. I know that it's the coolest feeling to finally meet somebody at a show that you've been trading or just hangin with online. Guys like Mark Tonin or MarcO who I've only known in cyberspace that have suddenly popped to life at shows BLAM instant friendships. I know I'm rambling (could be the drugs) but wouldn't you rather start it off with "Great to meet you" instead of a "Oh YOUR ________ who called me a ______" Ah well, food for thought.

Hey, if you made it this far, congrats and thank-you. Anyway, here's a good one for discussion always. Top 5 things in Permanent Rotation on your stereo

1. New Deal - new album, too good

2. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs - found it at Music World for $5.99 - classic

3. SCI - 3/10/01 - mmmm, soundboard

4. Sloan - Pretty Together - sucker for a good harmony

5. Rheostatics - Night of the Shooting Stars - their latest and IMO one of their finest

Dig it. Discuss it. If I could too at this moment put out a request for anyone who has a nice copy of A)MMW - Toronto Jazz Fest

B)Trey Band - Deer Creek/01

please email or otherwise

Great to be here. Thanks for reading.



look how nice Booche is to me at first....

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I haven't been able to get back to my first post for some reason (or most of the first year), but I do remember it was right after the first time Harvard Mouse had played Ottawa in Feb. 05, and I'd been introduced to Bouche, Ms. Hux, and, well, the whole lot of ya. I have the distinct memory of being blown away by the community on the board and that everything Mr. Tonin had been telling me about it was true.

(I add a parenthetical Big Thank You to you folks - I've learned and grown an awful lot through this place.)

Must be New Year's - I'm getting all maudlin.

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Okay, so far this thread is a bit disappointing. ScottieKing got into the spirit of it, and DJ MelbaToast and DEM gave it a good effort. Lazlo, thankfully, spared us reiterating whatever his first post was, and popo weenie's trying. jayr gave an educated guess, too.

Let's see some better effort, though. I want to read some first posts. I think it'll be interesting to see how people's posts have changed. (For instance, I don't think I've used the word "postings" since that first day, when I had no clue how to speak on a message board.)

So, show us your firsts! (Show me yours; I already showed ya mine.)

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I had to go back to June 21, 2001 to find my first post, which was made when this board was still part of bouche's original website called Phish Sanctuary. I found bouche's original Phish Sanctuary site when looking for information about the band nero. As scottieking mentioned, I was a part of the Canadian Tape Traders Board where I met some people including those scottieking mentioned along with others including Mike Christie (Mr. Photogeek) and Eric Warren (Tungsten Gruvsten). Way back then I also visited KevO's upcoming shows page and 'ersh's canjam site.

I started jambands.ca after having my head blown wide open at the May 2001 Come Together Music Festival. I started the site to use it as a promotional tool and to try and fill a void that was left when 'ersh found himself to be too busy with BNB to keep updating his original canjam site. I then hooked up with bouche and KevO to try to merge the best of all 3 of those sites into one. Fortunately bouche has been willing to put in the countless hours necessary to keep jambands.ca going ... I am so thankful for that!

Here's the original post that I made:

Jambands.ca Fall Music Fest

Please visit www.jambands.ca/fallfest for details about the festival. Nero is now confirmed to play, as are Jomomma, the Acousticats (acoustic Fat Cats), and Groovediggas, with more to follow.

I am extremely excited about the vibrant state of the jam band community. I've been a music lover and a jam band supporter for a number of years, and the May Come Together Festival at Frontier Town inspired me to jump in and make my contribution to the scene. It is so nice to go out to great music shows and connect with positive, happy people. I hope to see some of your smiling faces at shows in the years to come.


Mark Tonin

link to my first post and thread

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I'd love to participate, but when I click "find posts by this user", I only get back to last year, and when I do a specific searh in the archives I get an error. Like I usually get when I use the 'advanced search'.

Never the less it probably was a less than eloquant one-liner that I thought was funny, but with most one liners, no one got, or many were offended!

Anyways, good fun, I like reading this thread, even if others are vastly superior at their meta searches.

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heh! my first one was short and sweet [actually short and bland], from feb. 26, 2002. i was in uni and writing a paper for my music class about phish and the GD... ahh, i'm such a dork. backbacon posted my survey questions on the board and that's how i found out about phish sanctuary!

just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out by doing that survey and sending it back. if somebody tells me how to do it i'll try posting my paper so you can see the results, if you're interested (some people were). thanks again, meggo

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Oh wow. The revisionist history thing is biting me in the ass here.

Turns out my first "post" was not the first topic I started but a response to AD's first post.

11/05/01 08:24 PM - Post#93341

In response to bouche

Alan, you old scallywag, it's me, Scottie. This is quite the odd co-inq-e-dink, I'm just throwing my name out here for the first time as well (well in this forum anyhow) Good to see your name in lights again. Email me.

As for the rest of y'all, hi diddly ho. I was convinced by the gang that came down to see me in London this week (r.monkey, giggles, beet) to get on the board. I, as well as Alan have been kickin around the scene for awhile. Good to see such an active community up and running. Anyway, be talkin to you soon.

"I never realized how good rye was" Alan D 12/31/99 Big C. Florida


I've been living a lie. I'm sorry. If the board calls for my resignation, they can have it.

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