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Nice week of music ahead. I'm flying to FLA tomorrow... I've some passes to see Trey play a show the night before the festival starts in Ft Lauderdale.

2 Trey shows ahead, 2 Slip shows ahead (they are playing an afterparty as well as the festival). Cannot wait.

Looking forward to Steve Malkmus, My Morning Jacket, Taj Mahal, etc. Great line-up.

Starting the music week w/ a Wolfmother show tonight in Toronto!

Will report back w/ some updates.



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Wahooo M! Only a few more days until we're grooving in the beautiful sunshine. Me and my crew are driving down, leaving tommorow at noon. We'll be stopping in Jacksonville to see Moe. but soooo looking forward to the beach and an amazing weekend of music. Perfect way to jump into summer. We got V.I.P passes too, should be a treat. Safe travels!!



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woooo hooooo, heading down with steph and crew mentioned above. If you want to find us and don't know what we look like, look for a canadian flag, one of them will be us.

Is anyone else in the camping section? We should be there right at 8 when it opens so should we be trying to grab up more space, start canadatown?

Later folks,

Have fun,

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are any of our people back from the fest yet? reports please! :)

meanwhile, here's a review from another site, in case anyone is interested!

I didn't think I could possibly have a better time at this year's festival than last year. Luckily I was wrong. Everything went so smoothly for me this weekend and it was so amazing to be writing about the music that I love.


> My Morning Jacket: Ginz asked me if they could "beat up" Umphrey's. I responded "Yes, but I'd still see Umphrey's" They were that good. These guys deserve all the handjobs from the media they get. The sound, the energy, the backdrop, the voice: each new song would lower my jaw further and further to the ground.

> Apollo Sunshine: These guys are pure badass hard rock and roll with a twist of pre-Michael Mac Doobies to add a little mellow to the mix. Each band member played multiple instruments really well and have a hard to describe sound that made me more happy than fingerprints of molly.

> Assembly of Dust: Reid and his band have it going on. They are so tight and the harmonies are about as smooth as it gets. Recollection is an amazing album and I look forward to seeing a whole shows worth of activity.

> Widespread Panic: In September when I first saw Jimmy with Widespread I thought they were a match made in southern rock heaven. Six months later I can say no band in history has ever benefited from a band member switch like Jimmy replacing George McConnell in Panic.

> Tea Leaf Green: I think one hour is just the perfect amount of time for me with TLG. Sex in the '70s has a ridiculous groove and I loved how they sandwiched a whole bunch of great material between the two segments of '70s. I'm getting psyched for Irving.

> The festival itself was impeccably run. Everyone backstage was just working their ASSES off for a week straight and they did it well and with a smile on their faces. We have one hell of a community.

> My career: I had such an amazing experience meeting so many of the musicians I've grown up listening to. Everyone was extremely humble and gracious enough to talk to a newb reporter. I'm so extremely happy to be doing what I'm doing with Hidden Track and this weekend gives me the inspirado to continue working hard and has inspired me to get out and see more music I wouldn't normally see. I spent essentially three ten hour days at the festival and I came home exhausted but so fulfilled.

> new friends: I was pretty much solo throughout the three days and I met soooo many incredible people. Some friends of Wade and Jen who barely knew me were so incredibly kind and generous to me and I feel like I made some friends for life. I also met one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and friendly girl I've ever met in my life. Sadly I didn't get her number, but she hasn't seen the last of B.


> The Disco Biscuits: Man it pisses me off that I don't like these guys. I had a great time talking with all of the band members throughout the weekend and I tore myself away from MMJ to check out a few songs. I just don't like that dance/techno beat. When they rocked they kicked ass but I just wasn't into the jams. The Matis sit-in was pretty cool, the crowd and the band were freaking the fuck out.

> Pepper: They were kinda taunting the crowd and obnoxious both musically and personality wise.

> Trey: The moments of brilliance were few and far between during the two shows. I've just had enough of those songs already.

> People that skipped entire days of the festival: Weak sauce, you missed out.

Thanks to Ross, Jane, Alex, Jessie, Slade, Kwartin, Ginny, Terry, Jamie, JHa, and Ginz for all of their hospitality. Word up to SGordo, Frank, Gico, Bret, Dana, Morgan, Mr. Ginz, Xtina, Wookette, Jkess, Screw Loose, Jen, and Gentz for hangin' as well. It was really nice to be able to bounce from room to room around the Hyatt. It was kinda like college.

Alright now my real vacation begins. Two more days in the glorious 80 degree weather. Have a good beginning to your week everyone.

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