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Was it anyone in here??


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I saw it. Holy Shit. that is so weird because I just emailed my Jibboo Crew group on Yahoo all about it. It was:


And I drove past the kid and either he borrowed the car, or stole it cause when I yelled "GOTTA JIBBOOOOOOOO!" he did nothing. Maybe he was just a dick, I don't know. I tried to cut him off but I was already threee blocks past my turn and broke off the chase.

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Oh, Phree is taken. I followed that guy all the way from Florida to Toronto after the Big Cypress Shows and then it turned out he lived a few blocks away and knew all my friends. Jared will remember. We were driving your TJ. It was a green cherokee.

And has anyone in Toronto seen the Magic Bus? I have seen it at Yonge and St Clair, on Queen Street and out by the Ex. Really cool full-sized school bus with magical colors and rainbows and everything.

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Originally posted by Raven_Space:

I would want a license plate that said GDTRFB or WHRFRAT

I tried for GDTRFB but it was taken,I also tried BIODTL and it was taken.

I like the WHRFRAT though.......

Deadheads......I love em. [big Grin]

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TonyR, i believe NewRider and a bunch of t.o. people took that very bus to FLA to see PH NYE. Very neat.

I wish I had taken that bus to FLA too.

Now that we have up to 8 characters per plate I think I can get TONYRAGE. But I think that would be a good way t get pulled over. I seem to remember some confusion even here about my handle.

"Son, do you know why I pulled you over?"

"Cause you jumped to a conclusion"

"Now just calm the hell down, boy! Don't be getting all raging with me, now."

"No, but officer..."

"Don't but me, boy, you're going in."

"But I didn't..."

"Just calm down son" - draws gun

"I'm just..."

"Don't make me use this!"



And that's how it'll go down.

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