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Kevin Lowe did it again!


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I dont know lads. Sure it is in his right but I think the motivation here has to be questioned. Edmonton is having a damn tough time signing players and all but does that mean Lowe should screw other teams? This is going to really change the scope of the Ducks once Getzalf and ? (cant think of his name right now) contracts come up soon. If Lowe did this move to the Sens or the Habs or the Leafs would you still applaud him?

He's making some serious enemies and its going to get harder and harder for him to swing a deal at this rate. Bad business practices is not a smart move.

Forest through the trees boys. Forest through the trees.

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There is obviously a parrallel here between some of the women Badams has slept with (operating within the system) and this Kevin Lowe situation but I am not going to name any names.

Ok I will admit that on occasion I have dipped into the fee agent market and over valued the talent. I have even suggest contracts with a few suggested fee agents. It's not my fault if they did not live up to their end of the bargain. I was influenced by my need to take care of my boys and booze...

mainly booze

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I'm just tried of the General Managers all bitching. Lowe is operating within the system, he is doing nothing wrong. Yes the salaries are crazy but they have been for years, salary cap or not.

I agree. Burke also gave Bertuzzi 4 million a season. Who would you rather have Penner or Bertuzzi?

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