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Dave Lauzon Sept 15 Cafe Dekcuf

Pablo Sanchez

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Yes its true!

I will be playing in Ottawa at Cafe Dekcuf on September 15th. I'm really looking forward to this show as I feel like I haven't really done exactly what I've been doing lately in Ottawa yet.

Its been about a year since I've been playing with my current setup and I've become really in tune with it and able to really execute my ideas smoothly. The sound has also become a lot more beat and electronic focused. I've been experimenting with doing some nero stuff as well and that has been really fun and interesting.

I'm really hoping to get a party happening on the 15th. I'm planning on recording the whole night and the idea is that if it flies, I'll release it as a live album.

Hope to see you there!

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I think I might make the trip to Ottawa for this.

I understand the nero love and obviously that's what people think of with Dave...but I have to say I am thoroughly loving the solo work.Maybe it's a question of place and time, where my head,heart and ear are at now, but the solo work speaks to me much stronger.

So you going to take nibbler's advice and do a six show live set release?Collingwood better be one!!!

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