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Happy Last Day of Work, Baj!


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It's officially Baj's last day of work today!!

After 5 years of work hell, Baj finally gets a well deserved break!

I'm excited to be spending the month of October traveling and spending time with my hubby before heading off to New Brunswick! We are getting outta Ontario for good, and couldn't be more excited!

Wish us luck with our new adventures, and CONGRATULATIONS, Baj, for making it through 5 years of work hell at that place.. Huge sigh of relief!

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Happy retirement!


Kinda feels like it...

Feel so light and free for the time being, and as ironic as it might sound, it's SOOOOOOOOOO SWEEET not to be the Candyman no moe.


Being able to move back to St. Stephen NB where I lived my first 21yrs is some very joyful icing on da cake :)

Thanks for the kind words everyone...

Gonna be a busy month getting ready to move

but hope to party with you all !!!

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Thanks for the offer Tim, just might have to take you up on that... I lost track, did you guys finally get a place down there ???

no, brian...we struck out on our last trip down...but that was okay as the job that i left wanted me back, and we have since bought a place outside of guelph.

i hope you enjoy the not working bit, and have a great trip down to nb!!! southern ontario loses a very cool couple of folks...

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