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Ketchup chips?

Northern Wish

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I post about meeting Ryan Adams= 8 responses

I post about eating ketchup chips= 90+ responses in over 6 threads

Maybe if you had puked after meeting Ryan Adams' date=' there might have been more responses (especially if the colour and/or acidity of the puke was notable).



Ryan was blue from head to toe in his standard canadian tuxedo look. His hair looked like it may have been very acidic having not been brushed or washed for several weeks. Does that count?

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I used to eat none other than Ketchup chips...I think Hostess invented them. Humpty Dumpty always sucked at chips, but lays took over Hostess so I'm on Lays.

Now...as for the interest. I think this is the quote:

Also a tip I learned last night, don't eat a huge bag of ketchup chips before ordering a (few or more) drafts from the upstairs bar. It makes your puke really red and acidic.

Just picturing you eat nearly a half-kilo of Ketchup chips before a night of drinking at a show makes me fuckin' laugh. Have the stains come out of your fingers yet?

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