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Cream Cheese on Pizza!

Hal Johnson

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better in some ways and worse in others than other cheese.

i'm procrastinating so i just went to compare the labels on my cheddar and cream cheeses.

med. cheddar, per 30 g:

120 calories

31% mf

10g fat

25mg cholesterol

240mg sodium

protein 7g

calcium 20% rda

whipped cream cheese (cracked pepper flavour), per 30 g:

80 calories

26% mf

8g fat

30mg cholesterol

120 mg sodium

2g protein

calcium 4% rda

so cream cheese has less calories, sodium and fat, but also less protein and calcium. less of everything essentially

my regular cream cheese has the same info as the whipped, except it's 90 calories instead of 80.


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