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moe. hiatus


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Looks like moe. plans to take some time off..



Posted: Mar 10, 2008

This summer, moe. will embark on one of its biggest summer tours to date. The band intends to spend most of June and July on the road. The tour will begin at Summer Camp and wind down in early August. moe. will finish out the summer at moe.down 9 in Turin, NY.

After moe.down, moe. will not be playing any more shows for some time. The band is taking a break with the intent of returning again in 2009. Summer tour dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

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Makes sense. I mean how long can you do the exact same thing and not become hopelessly bored of it. I don't remember Rob looking vaguely interested in playing a show since 2001. The band has nothing left to accomplish so their decision is not in the least shocking.

Time to bring out the touring moe. cover band for all you wooks to get your 'fix' with until the hiatus is over.

And now it's one more pill and it's off to bed.

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I'm gonna start a moe. cover band and call it moe!

I'm gonna be soooo rich....I mean it will be a loving tribute to a band I truly admire and a way to keep the flame burning.

Are you going to be one of the guys in it? I think I'd prefer a tribute band made up of little people: mini.moe!



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