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Roll Call: My Morning Jacket Toronto


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I'm going with some work friends - I work until 7pm, but I'll try to get off work at 6. Tentative plans are to meet-up at the Jason George Pub at 6:15-6:30; the pub is located at Jarvis and Front (north-east corner on Front). I hope to see you there, Brian, Josh etc...

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Tonight's show easily ranks #4 of the 4 shows I've seen. However, if you are a fan of MMJ's latest effort, Evil Urges, then you may have a differing opinion. The #4 ranking comes down to a few factors: Evil Urges is 6/7 days old and I'm not overly familiar with it, plus it doesn't rock with the same energy or slam you in the face like their other albums do; nothing touches "Lay Low", "One Big Holiday" or "Dondante". Also, there is a realization that Jim James could do a whole 2 hours of solo acoustic stuff that would better a full band's set by a mile. Still, it was a good show. The encore kicked it and saved the night. Have a good one show in Montreal.

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