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Democratic convention rocks out at Mile High


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Micheal McDonald is a smooth rock god! A man so smooth he makes Magum bow down to his macho!

Rick and I flew in from Maui to see Micheal McDonald (aka Big Poppa) at Art Park in Lewiston N.Y. Killer show and a band as tight as my short shorts. And he still makes the ladies tremble with his bravado. Total pimp.

Glad to see he is supporting the Dems!

Micheal McDonald forever!


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I thought Obama was great - I'd vote for him in a flash. I think He's the right guy - McCain is too much of the old style - Bush vibe - I really hope he wins.

I was very disappointed when John Kerry lost in 2004, I am trying not to emotionalize the campaign this time around - But Obama has some great charisma and it's going to be hard not to follow this race.

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They televised everything. I only caught bits of Sheryl Crow and then McDonald singing America the Beautiful.

It was a pretty amazing spectacle but by the time they got to Obama I was spent.

i hope you rubbed it out during sheryl's set.

Err... Crow then... McDonald. :blush:

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