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Let the comeback begin...


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Some stuff from Relix.com:


Phish reunited this evening at the wedding of longtime road manager Brad Sands. The four musicians took the stage during the private New York ceremony for a three-song performance that included Phish chestnuts “Suzy Greenberg,†“Julius†and “Waste.†Police drummer Stewart Copeland also sat in with Sands’ wedding band on the Police’s “Can’t Stand Losing You†and The Meters’ “Fire on the Bayou.†Sands served as the Police’s road manager throughout the group’s high-profile reunion tour. Phish last performed together in Coventry, VT in August, 2004.

The stealth reunion caps off four months of rumors that began when all four members of Phish appeared onstage together at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden. Since that time the musicians have appeared together in various configurations, most notably when Trey Anastasio and Jon Fishman joined Mike Gordon and his band at the Rothbury music festival this past July.

In June, keyboardist Page McConnell also posted the following note on Phish.com:

Given that I might not even see some of the guys for the next six months, I would say that the announcement of a reunion is premature. However, later this year we hope to spend some time together and take a look at what possible futures we might enjoy. In fact the only real decision that has been made is that when we do get together, it will only be the four of us, hopefully with no distractions. I am really looking forward to that.

I want to say just a few more things. The prospect of Phish reuniting is something I consider very seriously, and I think about it a lot. And lastly, as always, there is plenty of misinformation floating around. Try not to focus too much on secondhand sources and random gossip. If there is anything real to announce, it will come from the four of us as a group.

Oddly enough, the only time Phish performed together during their 2000-2002 hiatus was at the wedding of Jason Colton in 2001. Colton is a longtime member of the group’s management team. As of press time, Phish has no confirmed plans, though Trey Anastasio is scheduled to kick off an extended tour at Port Chester, NY’s Capitol Theatre on October 16.

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Didn't he have to hand around NY for probation purposes?

I could have totally misremembered that, though.

He had to be close to Whitehall for probation and drug court, yes. I also think he had moved to NYC (a couple of hours south of Whitehall) before that, though. I read an interview where he talked about how much he liked living in NYC because everything he needed to make music was constantly at his disposal (eg: it's easier to put together a studio orchestra on short notice in New York than in Burlington). He still has a place in VT, though.

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Where are you hearing this? Just asking, because there have been lots of "bunk" rumours on PT.

hey man, I've got my sources!

But seriously, I've heard it from two people that I know who have some good connections (including working at/for the Spectrum for many years and knowing Tom Marshall personally). Some of the same people that turned me onto Phish in the early/mid '90s. I don't know their specific source for this info. They were just passing on what they have heard from their sources w/o being specific (other than to say that one source was at the above mentioned wedding). We aren't talking about some wookies here. Still, take it for what it's worth.

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