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Ottawa: Elmdale Tavern?


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Bummer about the sound, that's a pet peeve of mine. I wonder if I can request that they hire a local tech of my choice for the night? Can anybody recommend somebody who's good?

Hey Northern Wish, do you know anything about PA's? Can you tell me if it's just a vocal PA, or does everything run through? Is there actually a front of house booth and a guy who mixes, or are we talking about a powered mixer side-stage?

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Powered mixer on stage, usually a member of the band is doing it themselves. Never seen another board in that place, or anyone running the rig for the performers.

And I do believe its a vocal PA with all of the instruments running through their own amps. But I am not a pro so I could very likely be wrong.

Don't know any sound techs, sorry.

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Ollie you are right about that' date=' although they do have a fine selection of chips for $2!- but yeah on the food..... They'll even order a pizza from the bar for you and you can have it delivered to your table![/quote']

This sounds like the greatest thing ever.

(((can actually hear Davey Boy drooling thru the interwebs)))

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