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RIP Rick Danko - Dec.10, 1999


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I met Rick at a Hawks show when I was in high school. I got a chance to talk to him for a little bit, but our conversation got cut off when a brawl broke out in the bar.

Much later when I was touring in a band, we played at the Red Dog in Peterborough and I met a young guitar player from Arkansas who was visiting Ronnie Hawkins. He told me the story that he was told about Ricks final days. He basically came home from a tour of Japan and parties for many days straight at Hawkins' house and the years of abuse caught up with him.

I'm a huge fan - RIP Rick!

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Thanks to Dave O and his hot google tip:

Danko Self titled cd


Bob Dylan and the Band, Los Angeles, 02/14/74


The Band, Washington, D.C., 07/17/76


Danko Manuel Butterfield 9 19 84


and finally a fan tribute site to Rick alone:


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FUCK! I can't believe the 10th came and went and I didn't think of Rick once. Thanks for posting all of the great stuff guys.

For pure Rick I'll take Ferdinand The Imposter any day. I think that song says a lot of things but also a lot of things about Rick.

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