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Bringing kids to see Avatar??


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i saw it with my 9 or 10 year old nephew. He sat though it silently through the whole thing and at the end, he said... ``I think that was the best movie that I`ve ever seen``.

There was one sexy scene that both my wife and his mother from either side of him covered his eyes.

7 may be a bit young but this kid loved it!

Oh yeah... I loved it too!

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My 7 yr old son loved it. depends on your kid, I suppose. he sat through the whole thing, except a quick pee trip. the violence is not bloody or graphic. there is also a lot of swearing, but my kids have heard a lot worse from their parents.

i use www.commonsensemedia.org to help me make decsions re whether a movie is appropriate for my kids. they rated avatar as 13 plus, but after reading their review I thought it would be fine to take my kids.

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saw it again on Sunday. we ended up with an extra ticket as my daughter wante dto get together with a friend to work on a school project. we called several friends of my son (who is 7). one parent thought it was too much for his kid. if we were seeing alvin and the chipmunks on the other hand....

we didn't even bother calling one kid as he was scared watching indiana jones and the temple of doom on TV.

it really depends on the kid.

and it is more intense than star wars it terms of vioence and swearing.

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