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I am such a loser...


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Originally posted by CyberHippie:

(english language is retarted)

Re-tarted? Is that like when you tart something for a second time?

Sorry, but it's 1:45 AM, I'm drunk, and I know I'm allowed to tease you without worry of being taken seriously.

Consider yourself lucky. (I'm not sure what that means...)

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Mmmmmm.... absinthe!!! I ahd some of that when I was in England in '98 - it had recently been made legal again at the time. Nice.

They don't have that in Korea. Instead, there's "soju" which Koreans say tastes like vodka, but actually tastes like a bunch of chemicals thrown together. It's not so good, but it's hard to refuse when a bunch of drunken salary-men in suits accost you on the road, insult your American heritage, and then feel the need to apologize profusely when you explain (in broken Korean) that you're actually Canadian...

Sigh... not long now...

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