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Bob Weir is sitting in with Phish tonight


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From phish.net:


A link to @Tweezer 's twitter was posted in the nashville thread, but I saw him share some stuff on facebook that I though deserved it's own thread. 

So I posted all of this to Twitter a couple of days ago but a number of you who would find this interesting may not have seen it so I'll post it here too:

On Wednesday I got to attend Phish's soundcheck in Nashville (thanks Don Hart!) and afterwards got to meet up with Trey. I behaved for a good 10 minutes while he talked with everyone there before grilling him with Phish questions. Side note: It is truly remarkable how gracious he is with fans like me.

A few nuggets from that conversation:

- I first thanked Trey on behalf of the Mockingbird Foundation for all of the financial support that Phish has given us over the years. He was really excited and seemed proud that we had just passed the $1 million mark in grants awarded.

- I also told him about the unsolicited grants we were giving out in each city Phish is hitting on tour (in conjunction with the band's own WaterWheel Foundation) and that the Nashville one went to the Nashville Symphony's new Accelerando program which helps create professional opportunities for musicians from ethnic communities that are underrepresented in today’s orchestras. He was all smiles.

About the Bob Weir sit in the night before (did that really happen?!?):

- Bobby heard Miss You on his flight to Nashville and specifically asked Trey if they could play that during his sit in and if he could sing it.

- I asked Trey what it was like having one of his heroes hear and request to perform a song he wrote in memory of his sister and 
said something to the effect of "powerful stuff".

- Trey said that Bobby was also singing it for "some of his people" which made sense when considering how intense it was. My head almost exploded when he told us that.

- Bobby told Trey he should sing Playin' In The Band in exchange for him singing Miss You.

- I asked Trey if them soundchecking Walking Blues was an intentional misdirection and he said it wasn't. They just didn't play it.

- They never talked about playing West L.A. Fadeaway ahead of time - Bobby just started it.

- I then requested Tweezer to which he said "I don't think we've played that one yet this tour." I then said "I'm positive you haven't" and he smiled.

- I also asked him if he remembered the 12/11/95 show in Portland where they played a couple of versions of Dog Log and gave the crowd instructions like booing the band on cue. He lit up and said "Yeah I remember that!" I asked him if the Dog Log album was ever coming out and he said "I don't think so" with a smile.

- We sparred about football (the poor guy is a Jets fan) and he was equal parts exasperated and despondent that Brady was playing so well even after missing a month. "He didn't miss a beat" as he just shook his head.

- He mentioned that the only reason they played Lawn Boy in the first set on Wednesday was because Bobby's mic was out for the entire show and he wasn't coming out for another 90 minutes. Trey complained to Page that is was out there and he said "I'll just sing Lawn Boy" and then moved the mic afterwards.

- He commented on how they have so many songs nowadays that it's hard to keep track of them all.

- He said they had no idea what they were going to play that night (just two hours before the show.)

- I got a chance to thank him for playing the second jam in Mike's Song last year in Nashville and he said "Oh yeah you're that guy! I forgot about that jam. Again. How does it go?" So I sang him where they used to drop down into F major and told him it was where they used to drop into Simple. I mentioned him saying last summer that they love jamming in F and he said "Yeah we do. We just must have played Simple one too many times back in the day" with a smile.

- He then said "We should do that second jam again" and I said "YES YOU SHOULD!"
So gracious with his time and so understanding of people like me who are so eager to talk to him. He is an A+ human. The old adage "never meet your heroes" couldn't apply any less to Trey Anastasio. Such a great role model on so many levels.
Good times. Thank you, Nashville!
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