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Festival Question....


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So I pretty much have one weekend off this summer, as my other weekend will be at my sister's wedding. Which festival do you think is worth going to? I have to watch the cash flow, but I have a car so travelling, within reason is not that much of a big deal.

Anyway, the options are:

Spring Shaker




Bonnaroo (probably not though)

Montreal Jazzfestival


I'll be at CTMF anyways, so no worries about that [smile]

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What about Evolve?

I'm juggling between the Shaker or Evolve right now.. Waiting for a glimpse of the Evolve line-up. I know the Shaker would be awesome and I think the line-up looks GOOD but not INSANE like a lot of people on here do.... I thought the AGP show in Hamilton (1st one) was good but not great; I don't know Raisinhill at all; and I haven't been converted into a Slip fan yet (although I'd like to give them a try). The only time I've heard The Slip was at CTMF and I don't recall anything but the grotesque monkey guest appearance.

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the evolve is a more rounded festival.

rap, dance, beats, as well as jambands...

KevO, i have a feeling you'd like evolve better.

me, Shaker is definately for me. no all night raves full of chemies.

That being said, Montreal jazz fest will see an appearance by Second Tube, thats for sure.

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thats why i didn't mention Montreal Jazz fest...

Shainhouse is on a students budget. I'm pretty sure he has friends out there to stay with, so that helps...

but still...

if i had the cash, i'd go to montreal over the rest...but in reality, you have to be pretty well off to do Montreal Jazz Fest properly.

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I would hold out for the rumoured Phish festival in Vermont. I think its the weekend of August 14-16. Otherwise moe.down and the Guelph Friendship fest were my two favorites from last year.

As for Scottypuluza didn't it get cancelled after only one night last year?

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moe.down will be a no-go because I am helping to plan Welcome Week in Hamilton again and Montreal Jazz Festival, although I do have friends to stay with (Steve knows me well), is a little to expensive.

The rumoured Phish fest is on the same weekend as my sis' wedding (bah!) so right, it is seriously looking like the SHAKER. If I can book it off, I'm really considering it. Oh yeah and Dima, if I go, you have a spot in my car.


Thanks for the imput folks. Scottyplauza will be good though and Wakarusa (www.wakarusafestival.com) is ridiculous. I'm surprised no one has talked about it, and it's about the same distance from the Hammer as the Shaker is. It's in Kansas.


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