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this cowboy's going urban


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We'll have to get some golf in!

for sure!

i'm now in the search for a new home, so if anyone has any leads on a sweet apartment...pass them on would ya!?!

i'm looking to live in the east end (East York/Don Mills area)

and i need to find something relatively soon as i start a new job on the 3rd of January :: ::

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yey country's coming! wait, i can't call you country any more. hmmm.....urban....no.....cowboy....no....bringer of my forgotten library book...YES!! ;)

a very good friend of mine is subletting her place starting Feb 1, don't know if that'll help. It's at Dundas/Keele. She'll be subletting for 3-6 months while she goes down to Mexico. depending on how things go she may just come back to take care of her stuff or come back to live. the place is furnished or unfurnished depending on the person's needs.

yey, there's a new city boy! score one for the city!! hmmmm....city, that has a nice ring to it...

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Team Toronto or as Alexis put it so elequantly as "city" is building steam a little bit i see... now if we could lure Esau outta the Hammer and make a trade for the Sloth i think we're laughin... and seein how much ive seen Crowe in Toronto lately he may as well have changed teams already... Peterborough on the other hand.. wha happened... first KevO, then Cowboy and Friendly?

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i'm looking at a few places tomorrow

if the roomie was cool i'd be alright with that

warning...i have a drum kit, i'll be doing shift work, i stink like burnt metal when i get home, i leave a nasty ring around the tub after my bath, i listen to the Grateful Dead...A LOT!

other than that (if you don't ask moose) :: i'm an easy going guy to live with.

I hope to find a place for the first of January if I can, but POG & POGette have graciously offered up their couch for a few weeks if needed, and they live pretty close to the jobsite.

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hey big friendly

this place reads like it would pretty phat

Live _work studio. Ground floor. 14ft ceilings, warehouse windows, 4 piece washroom, rough in kitchen. Approx 650 Sq. ft. $1000.00 all inclusive.

could 2 single guys pull off living in a warehouse loft of that size !?

we could build giant loft bunks like moose has at her place

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