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What are you listening to right now?

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Q107, playing "The Ding Ding Song" by April Wine, or Coney Hatch, or whoever should be arrested for producing such a thing.

"ooooh what a night! everything will be alright! come and come and love me tonight! and I'll be yours till the sun comes up! ding ding ding ding ding ding ding......"

kill me.

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Herbie Hancock - Sextant   Hancock’s Mwandishi Band to Reunite for One Night, Will appear at Friday’s “A Great Night in Harlem”   Aloha, Brad

I will probably post this another thousand times.............  

Posted Images

Desire always enters at an angle.

Catches the light just so.

Few know that if you step to the side,

love dies, love dies, love dies, I'm sure.

And I don't want to despise her.

I don't want to be there

when she fills me with disgust

just because she's so sweet,

I hate love.

i hate love - surprise me mr. davis - 04.04.05

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Well diggin through the old cassettes I've been re-discovering some old favourites,mostly copies of my vinyl collection....


Currently: Cactus - No Need To Worry.

Next up: Cactus - Kind Woman (unfuckinbelievable)

Esau that pre-ABB shit is grrrrrrrrreat. i have a lot of that stuff floating around here somewhere.

Agreed. I have some myself also on CDR.I scored the original vinyl (pretty sure it is anyway) at a record show in Hamilton way back & just happened to find a cassette copy the other day..thankfully too..my turntable has been dead for a few motnhs,we'll have to discuss a trade or somthing perhaps in the future when I have my full trading & burning capabilities again.

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