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What are you listening to right now?

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Herbie Hancock - Sextant   Hancock’s Mwandishi Band to Reunite for One Night, Will appear at Friday’s “A Great Night in Harlem”   Aloha, Brad

I will probably post this another thousand times.............  

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A Blessing of Tears - Robert Fripp. It just arrived from Latvia today. Not available in North America. Live tracks with a concept " an ongoing series of performances which has the aim of finding a way in which intelligence and music, definition and discovery, courtesy and reciprocation enter into the act of music for both musician and audience."


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Yep,its studio.So I'm told,my neighbour brought it over for me to give a listen as I am an acoustic music addict & dig John's music.I'm no jazz enthusiast by any means,so I can't really compare or give an educated opinion other then I really am enjoying it.

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esau, you should have been at Kaki King. or have you seen her? either way thats some good acoustuff.

have you seen Don Ross?

No,I haven't seen either artist.Don Ross's music I enjoy.Kaki King I can take or leave,awesome musician & performer from the video & music I have heard but just hasn't "hooked" me yet I guess.

I missed alot of great shows this summer,but I was camping in the crownland for 5 1/2 weeks,we had a lake to ourselves the whole time & in truth,I wouldn't have passed on that trip for any musician...not even Dylan. (yep I said it)

Anyway,heres what on the system currently:


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kanye west - the college dropout

peek a booo!!!!!

I'm in the middle of my first listen of the new BSS. Definitely in need of a serious concentrated listening ASAP! It sounds so far so good. So far, it isn't chalking up to the greatness of YFIIP. But of course that takes time.

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