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Official Site for the 2005-2006 NHL Draft


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OK so it looks like it's an email draft. Here are the voting results.

Email 50%

Autopick 25%

List 18%

Live 6%

We will gather names until August 31. At this time we will divide the teams into divisions. The size of the divisions will be based on how many teams we have.

I will have the teams put on officepools.com and will provide everyone with the password once the site is set up.

Low Roller has accumulated this list of participants. If you are 100% in please respond to this thread and provide the email you want to use.

Interested thus far:

1- C-Towns

2- Booche

3- Badams

4- Pheasant Plucker

5- Doug

6- Blane

7- Rubberdinghy

8- PassedOuyGuy

9- Jakis

10- SmoothedShredder

11- Jaimoe

12- AD

13- DogAtTheStation

14- MyOtherBrotherEsau

15- Phishfart420

16- Ollie

17- Can'o'Phish

18- MattyC

19- Low Roller

20- Dave-O

21- Caspien

22- Esau

23- SolarGaric

24- SevenSeasJim

25- Davey Boy

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Guest Low Roller

In like flynn.


The last three names in that list are not confirmed yet, just speculation based on past threads.

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paranoid android
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I think that I would like to be in...but, does anyone have any link to some ratings guides for picks?? I am not really very knowledgeable about current teams or players, so some help for picks would be good. I spend my free time learning Blue Grassy High mandolin riffs instead of watching hockey.


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