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Reminder: Juno Awards tonight


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The Juno Awards show airs live tonight from 7 PM to 9 PM EDT. (Seems kinda early... sad that Desperate Housewives probably gets them better ratings at 9 PM.)

Scheduled performers:

Bedouin Soundclash

Black Eyed Peas

Broken Social Scene

Bryan Adams

Buck 65


Divine Brown



Michael Bublé


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I tried to watch it but found it unwatchable.


I mean Pam Anderson did what she was paid to do (x2), but what an embarassment. The sound was bad. The singer for BSS was off key. Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas were fine, but should never have been there and Nickleback was Nickleback and Hedley was Hedley and o my god. Buck 65 gets my nod for sainthood before John Paul 2. Why watch? Maybe it was punishment for having badmouthed BNL ;) Next year I'll watch my friggin' tongue!

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Juno winners bash 'Canadian Idol' star-making machine

It's time the music industry stopped trying to make a fast buck off Canadian Idol winners, say members of Toronto indie band Broken Social Scene.


"I feel really sorry for those kids in Canadian Idol because they're going absolutely nowhere," [Kevin Drew] said, according to Canadian Press.

"It's a trick.... It's a Canadian music industry downfall because in three years no one is going to remember them."


"Collectively we probably have 200 years worth of gig experience. I feel only empathy ... for the kids that are put in that position before they have those road scars," [Feist] said Sunday.

Patronizing much?

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A tie for best international album???? By the same two international artists that just happened to be performing at the Junos??? Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay. What a load of crap. I'd be embarassed to be those guys accepting the award... because it obviously means absolutely nothing. They basically got an award for showing up.

Do you think they might've been able to have some decent sound as well? For an awards show dedicated to a medium that basically IS sound, one might hope they could've at least got it somewhat close to right. I could barely understand anything that was said by any of the presenters. It was like they were using a room mic from the back corner instead of the one in front of their mouths. Reeeaaallly bad.

Ah well.

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Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay.

I agree completely, but to play (kinda) devil's advocate for a minute, Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas DOMINATED the charts in Canada the past year, and were everywhere. Both bands played multiple times on their tours, had number one hits for weeks on end, Black Eyed Peas played the Grey Cup.... The factors there had to play into the awards and hence the invitation to attend somehow, wouldn't you agree?

BEP were good back in the day, and I enjoy Coldplay's first record for the most part. But now they're both shite.


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letter of the day from the Globe and Mail:

GAIL LETHBRIDGE Halifax– I wonder if Pamela Anderson really was a suitable host for a celebration of Canadian music. Yes, she was born in Canada, but with all that enhancement received south of the border, did anyone actually check to see whether she meets the 30-per-cent requirement for Canadian content?

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The fix was in!!

Ad creates suspicion Juno win was leaked

There are questions being raised about how a commercial advertising Michael Bublé's Home as Juno-winning song of the year got to air before the award was announced.


That category hadn't come up yet at the Juno award ceremony. Bublé did win it — but not for another half-hour.

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