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Songs they played too much, song they played too little.

The Chameleon

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Hi gang,

Being a deadicated Dead freak and Phishead, I have often lamented at shows, that certain songs got too much play and other great tunes were played all too little.

[color:green]So what are your choices?.....



Played too much

El Paso

Me & My Uncle

Not Fade Away

Played too Little

Unbroken Chain

Brother Esau

Keep On Growing

Hey Pocky Way

Lost Sailor

Phish: Too Much

Character Zero



Bouncin' Round the Room

Too Little

Camel Walk

Destiny Unbound

Alumni Blues

Time Loves a Hero

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Lost Sailor was played out in the early 80's. The rest of the band stopped this song, with Saint and took it out of the song selection. Also Brother Esau was also played many times in the early 80's and played out. Thats why these songs never made it that far.

Unbroken Chain and Keep on Growing however I will have to agree 100%. Keep on Growing never really got a fair shot and was put away for special occasions. The Merriweather 85, Keep on Growing and the one at apline the week previous are stellar. You want to find a true rotation of GD songs go back to 79-85. Thats when alot of mix and match happened and the setlists are never even close to the nights previous or even other nights in the tour.

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I don't know if nero has a "Played too often" song, but (to my ears, anyway) they have at least one "Not played often enough" song: "Johnny Joe". (I also know of only two times "Sunspine" was played, both in January, 2003.)



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Played too little:

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

Till The Morning Comes

Both those songs could have been monsters.

Agreed "'till the moring comes" could have been a staple.

The also could have played Mind Left Body Jam way more.

Also why did they never play "Pride of Cucamunga" live? Great tune! I say Phil & Friends do it and it was killer!

P.S. I know Lost Sailor and Brother Esau were played in the 80s. but in the grand scheme of things not enough for my tastes.

As for Phish

Played too much: Limb by Limb, Taste

Played too little: Tube, Curtain With, Big Black Furry creatures from Mars, What's the Use.

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Re: Grateful Dead

Just a point of interest picking the songs posted in this thread.

El Paso - 388

Me & My Uncle - 616

Not Fade Away - 531

Unbroken Chain - 10

Brother Esau - 104

Keep On Growing - 4

Hey Pocky Way - 25

Lost Sailor - 145

Weather Report Suite Prelude - 47

Weather Report Suite - 52

Day Job - 57

Dupree's Diamond Blues - 80

Believe It Or Not - 7

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) - 3

Operator - 4

Till The Morning Comes - 5

Mindbender - 2

Alice D Millionaire - 3

Can't Come Down - 1

Dark Star - 219

Liberty - 56

IFTL - 26

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At a Merl Saunders show at the Comfort Zone, I once told someone I hated "Dark Star"--you'll be pleased to note, after a brief pause, this gentleman slapped me clean across the face.

And I fucking love Liberty.

I'll take that one step further and say that I fucking love the version of Liberty on There And Back Again. Ha!

Dark Star wasn't overplayed but it is overrated. I like the melody but I can do without the aimless noodling, squeaks and squonks.

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