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Garaj Mahal


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I think it's about time we start talking about Garaj Mahal. I freaking love that band and I've never seen them. There are tons of videos on YouTube and plenty of live music at the archive. (like 199 recordings)

I'm pretty sure that the west coast loves GM (not Gentle Monkey) as they seem to play there alot. Anybody have anything wicked to sendspace me? :)

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ottaw to Ohio? holy shit, that's a fucking HIKE! I'd love to though.

I have a Fareed Haque group disc somewhere. But since the house has been decluttered and many things like discs evacuated for a home viewings, I don't have it handy. It's pretty fucking wicked though. Both bands are serious PRO!

anyone complaining about a lack of bands or nothing worth listening to better start checking this shit out.

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When I saw this thread I was hoping that it was going to be a show announcement. I really like Fareed Haque. I first saw him playing with, I think, Javon Jackson at the top of the Senator. He was playing his guitar sitar in that band. The Fareed Haque group is pretty cool music. neat blend of traditional Indian music with jazz/rock/jam. I saw them in Vancouver last spring. The band included a woman on vocals which was really cool. There are some shows from that tour/band available. There was one taper at the Vancouver show from Washington state, but he never put it up online.

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You either love em out of the gate or it takes a few shows to get into it.

It took a few shows for me to like an entire set.

They're really great players. Jazz Fusion greats in your local bar.

That Kai Eckhardt is awesome...Trying to not comment about how they miss the mark for me most of the time...whoops.

Worth checking out if you like that side of things. I'd see em again if I have the chance and there's nothing exciting happening that night. Definitely worth the ticket.

Just hope that fareed stands up. Lazy fucker.

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I couldn't find this alleged post of c-towns. He's full of shit. However,

I found this with a great quote from Weezy

I was a complete bag of toys due to my heroic consumption of scotch... but I remember the first set pretty well - and it was amazing. They have the ability to really hold your attention with extreme dynamics. What a trippy band! By all accounts, they played better than last time they were in town.

I apologize for the brief report, but I was HAMMERED and had no business being in public...I'm pissed I got so pissed.

I'm still hurtin' today...

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No no no...I NEED the bong ollie.

I was just about to come on here to say something to the effect of 'I'm just not into them but thousands are'

but really...they're a pretty good band that doesn't completely do it for me.

Jazz Funk Fusion virtuosos aren't known for being entertainers. They're players.

They know how to say a lot with their jazziness...sometimes less is more and sometimes jazz virtuosos let peoples' ears stumble ver their verbosity. Sometimes it's magnificent.

Not always and never never.

PASS me the bong.

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