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WSP - Toronto - Roll Call


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I would expect a Guess Who cover in Canada.

As long as it isn't These Eyes. Duo with Trey and Mike butchered the fuck out of that tune back in '06. Still cringe when i hear it.

Oh, IN.

I'll take a Waker > Blue Indian > Waker > Tall Boy > Chilly > Waker (a guy can dream, can't he? ;) )

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First set (not in order)

Disco opener.


Tickle the Truth

Better off






Just Kissed My Baby

2nd set (not in order)


Surprise Valley.


Sewing Macine -> Protien Drink

Guilded Splinters

Don't be Denied.

Flat Foot Floozy (closer - obviously)


North. Chest Fever.

And a few others - including a slow E. Maybe Expiration Day actually, lets go City of Dreams for the tdot. Or maybe North, I'm not Alone, Chest Fever.

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Looking forward to my first Panic show! I'd love to hear some stuff from Live In The Classic City, as that was my first exposure to WSP. Everything from Bear's Gone Fishin' up to and including Tall Boy would be a treat for me. From the new disc, I'm thinking that Angels on High could turn into a huge groovy danceable ball of musical fun ...

Peace, Mark

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Bummed about missing the show :( Bad timing as we booked a little vacation right before the show was announced. Hopefully it won't be another 11 years before a return visit.

I'm guessing a Mr.Soul might pop up cover wise for the CDN content...

Hey Momack what was the Neil tune that they completely butchered down in Cleveland?

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Anyone know of any good music playing after Panic? Especially close, since I"m hoping they play late late late since its at the Docks...

I just scoped out the now magazine and came up pretty empty.

I suggest an after party at my house, all are welcome, including both bashers.

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