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Amsterdam Questions


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Hey all,

Got a vacation coming up and maybe you can help.

-Is Amsterdam one of those cities where liquor is expensive? Like, should I hit the Duty-Free on my way to Amsterdam and bring myself a bottle of rye or would it be cheaper to buy it there?

-Any suggestions on best coffee shop?

-Any other overall touristo suggestions? I plan on hitting Van Gogh Museum, Anne Franks house, Heineken brewery tour, and the Vodka house, but I am open to suggestions.

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Guest Low Roller

Some of my favorite coffee shops while I was there was The Noon and The Dolphin. Good times be had there.

I also suggest that you try to catch a show at The Paradiso. It's a pretty famous music venue.

The Reijksmuseum (sp?) is worthy of a visit.

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I stayed at the Kabul Hostel on Damstrasse. It was clean and cheap for a single LOCKABLE room.

There are a million coffee shops, try several and buy coffee when you're only stopping in to smoke or you'll get a dirty look or two.

Learn Please and Thank You in Dutch.

Don't do the massive canal tours. they're annoying or so i'm told. I went to Boom Chicago Night/Comedy Club and signed up for a personal guided tour. my tour guide was from Denver and we smoked and drank the whole trip. I met and had great conversations with an Israeli couple while on the boat and then we all went to see the comedy show together after...man, we were drunk!

People watching and busker watching in the Leidesplein (sp) was awesome. A breakdancer grabbed my hand while i was watching and i did "the wave" with him. FUN!

Dam Square is great for people watching as well.

Go in to the Van Gogh Museum HIGH! and if they're still doing it, do the balloon rides in the field outside of the Museum....great view of the city.

Hang out in Vogel Park and watch the ducks.

There is a Thai Food restaurant across from the Kabul Inn that was awesome...the name escapes me....infact the names of every place i went into for smoke, food, "coffee" are all very foggy but i could walk around the whole city and find them today no prob....just no names.

Shainhouse mentioned a few spots off the tourist trail to hit up as well, talk to him fo sho!

I REALLY want to get back there. If you don't mind letting me know either here or via PM what your flight cost that'd be awesome Todd.


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Oh, beer is cheap there. Every corner store has it. I LOVED the beer while i was in Europe.

..and Brad, i went into Rookies on your recommendation and it was pretty cool. I was able to catch up on some North American sports while there...infact i watched the better part of a Jays/Yankees game while chillin' out there.

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If you go to Anne Frank's house, go first thing in the morning. Like, be there 1/2 hour before it opens, otherwise you'll have to stand in line.

Rent a bike for the day and tour around... it's fun as hell and the way the city is laid out you can cover some serious ground.

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Flight cost a little over $800.

I've done some research and found that if I book my ticket for Anne Frank house online it's a dollar more but you get to skip the line. I will go first thing in the morning. I should still be up.

Already booked a room. I decided on 4-5 star and will be at NH Amsterdam Centre, near the Van Gogh Museum.

I will be doing everything, including Van Gogh museum, high.

I will eat any deep friend land meat. Thanks for the tip daveyboy.

Also thanks for the tip about getting a coffee in the coffee shops. I hadn't intended to. They're $5 aren't they?

I will definitely rent a bike. 100% on the to-do list.

Alphasmart will be coming along so you'll all be able to read up on what me (and to a lesser extent bradm) will be up to.

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Also thanks for the tip about getting a coffee in the coffee shops. I hadn't intended to. They're $5 aren't they?

Don't remember the cost....but they also have little treats and munchie stuff that you can purchase as well that were cheaper than the coffee. I don't recall the coffee being that expensive though...perhaps with the exchange on our piss-poor dollar.

Reiterate: I want to get back there soooo bad. I was only able to stop in for a 3 day weekend inbetween work.

HAVE FUN!!! Wait till you see the craziness at the intersections there. NOBODY follows the rules and if you watch long enough you'll see some one get taken out.

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