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What should I eat Ottawa?


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those are some good sammies. but remember they're cash only!

my favourite shawarmas are from shawarma city at bank and lisgar, and also now i've been enjoying the ones at shawarma palace on rideau close to charlotte.

wings i don't know, i'm a recent convert to wings...

a lot of people like colonnade pizza. i think georgie's is the place where you can get gravy pizza. eek!

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Civic Shawarma down by Lansdowne Park is excellent. And across the street is Kettleman's Bagels. House of Georgie Sorento's is indeed the gravy pizza joint - One block east of Colonnade Pizza, just 3 doors west of Elgin Street on Gilmour.

I have to give a shout out to Calabria Pizza at Bell and Gladstone. Delicious. There's no reason to go to this part of Centretown sadly. But the pizza is good.

DiRienzo's off Preston at Beech is indeed a delicious deli, as is Luciano's, further north on Preston.

Where are you based out of while in town?

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Best pizza? Although a chain i would say gabriels pizza. tasty shit. For late night fucked up pizza bronson pizza. they are open until 4 am and taste great

Best Wings? Royal oaks wings are pretty damn tasty and huge

Best Chicken Shawarma? would have to be the swarma station in the south end near the airport, bank and huntclub, that shit is nasty.

Best something else? if you want to spend some cash go to Murray street bistro. you can order a pigs head. good burger place is Chez Lucien Click for Phone Numbertel: 613-241-3533

137 Murray St

Ottawa, On and the manx has some great food

Famous Ottawa what. if your into vinyl records just say so and i will give you a list. peace

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little india cafe on carling has great indian food if you liek that.

shwarma palace, makes a dman good shwarma.

Greek souvlaki house on baseline makes great greek and the portions are huge.

My favorite burger comes from the gourmet restaurant (truckstop) in carleton place.

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