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fest. of friends, hammer


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so i saw a sign the other day saying Dr John is going to be at this years festival. pretty cool i thought, so i looked the shit up, turns out friday looks friggins SWEET!

Stumbleweed @ 5

Richie Havens @ 630

Buckwheat Zydeco @ 8

Dr John @ 930.

heard of this zydeco shit but never really heard them so im kinda looking forward to that. should be a fun night for sure, anyone else going to check this shit out or what?

also, the workshops are looking sweet, with members of stumbleweed, steve murphy, the goodrev, and others, im gonna have to try and check a couple of these out, that shawn trotter guy is just great on the guitar too.

im sure this is old news to alot of you but i figured id post it up, ive been camping for a while and havent heard anything really.

so whos going down to this shiat? we should meet up and drink a beer together, thats what you guys do right?

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This is always a good time and FREE of charge too.

I'm doing 5pm Friday with Stumbleweed and 5pm Saturday with Lee Harvey Osmond.

Strangely they seem to have put me on a Sunday workshop without notifying me. Sorry to report that it's unlikely I'll even be in town on Sunday, though if I manage to say I'll sit in with Terra Lightfoot earlier and then probably skip the workshop on principle.

See you all Friday!

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Did anyone Catch Gord Downie at Hillside or somewhere else? Does he do any Hip tunes or is it all "this is every song off my solo record" kind of thing?

I am SO excited to see Peter Murphy, Flock of Seagulls and Squeeze on Sunday!

same here!! love those performers.

saw downie at hillside. he's very entertaining solo. more relaxed, less edgy, casual. fun. no hip tunes, no need. go see him. :)

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what a blast last night!! caught 3/4ths of teh stumbleweed set, i guess thegoodrev was running a bit late but it worked out beauty in the end. i love these guys, but i was born n bred on country my whole life so that type of groove makes me feel right at home. great stuff, as always. Ritchie Havens too, wow. i was amazed, this guys still got it. alot of speaking that was almost too quiet to hear for the most part, but the songs were great.

was drinking by the car for most of Zydeco, but what i heard was not bad. and then Dr John came on, he rocked. great little band hes got with hiim, solid grooves, great improv towards the last few tunes there, heard all the hits i came for, so i left a happy camper!

and got to catch up with allll sorts of folks, from the old PJC days and folks from on here, it was great!! lots of cheersing and ruckus. and lots of kids too! what happened? pepperjacks closes and everyone starts making babies lol.

overall it was a great time, id say that was my fave night of any fest of friends ive ever gone down too. good shit lollipop

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Good times for sure.

I loved being able to bring Rowen down to share in the moment with so many other kiddies. Great seeing Stumbleweed on the big stage.

Buckwheat Zydeco was a highlight for me. Was unfamiliar with them going in, but they were great. So was Dr. John...his vocals are still bang on.

It has been a real long time since the last time I went to Festival of Friends. Great seeing so many folks out (and realizing how many people have migrated to live in the Hammer now). Sweet.

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it was great to see some familiar faces on friday night, i havent made it back to hamilton in quite a while - and certainly hadnt been to the festival of friends in forever.. nothin' like a trip down memory lane sometimes. :)

can't say i enjoyed the dr. as much as everyone else seemed to, but Hamilton itself is always entertaining enough, hahah. mixin' it up on the delaware, strollin' thru the park, and passin' out on augusta. sweet weekend. i even managed to squeeze in a mike's torpedo sub and some canadian little league championships in ancaster.

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Great night friday, missed Stumbleweed, but Richie, Buckwheat & Dr' John were fun. Saturday was a different scene that's for sure. Lee Harvey Osmond was great, but I wasn't much into the rest - The Respectables, or Coney Hatch (wasn't really a big fan back in the day either). Didn't stick around for Downie though - had my fill of the park by then and went and drank some beers at a buddies place.

Good weekend of music though, price was right anyway.

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