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Q of the day (03-25-04)

Ms Zimmy

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getting a little overdue on that plan but am dying for some fairly extensive world travel... getting absorbed into some foreign culture for a while and visiting the wise man on the mountain... playing some drums with shamans and dance to some unanticipated rythyms of the earth people

want to play a live show again one day, and sing this time

also want to write a book about all the wonders and strangeness I've been so fortunate to witness

(hmmm, apperently I'd better get crackin [smile] )

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I actually made a list of things to do about ten years ago. There's about 175 things on the list, and every few months I pull it out and try to accomplish something else. My most recent item crossed off the list: Survive something deadly. I've had a couple of close scrapes, but I figure adding on the close scrape getting out of the fire was enough to cross it off.

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