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  1. Schwa.

    Delfest 2013

    awesome festival. you guys will love it BR.
  2. would love to make it back to the hometown for this one but have other stuff on the calendar. any chatham folks should go check these fellers out though! fun jamband
  3. Almost impossible for me to pick favourites because it was such a complete show. The entire second set melted my brain. so effin' good. This was the absolute best time I've ever had at an UM show. They friggin' gave'r from front to back and kudos to Greensky playing to what was quite obviously a crowd that was only there to see Umphrey's.
  4. watching now!!! Bobby fucked up Truckin' straight away, hahahahaha
  5. Sweet bill! was going to go until i ran into an unexpected hit to the wallet.
  6. Trey sold out years ago. ba-dump-bump! hehe, j/k.
  7. 2013 Festival Line-up (so far) Chris Jones & The Night Riders Audie Blaylock and Redline Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice Eddie LeBlanc & Friends Hometown Bluegrass Bill White and White Pine Traditionally Wound The Barn Katz Simcoe County Ramblers Higher Ground
  8. How wrong you are. One is Roughriders while the other went by Rough Riders. As Martin Short once said to David Letterman when describing how you can tell who won when the teams faced each other: "Canadians know who won". I'm Canadian. I don't know the difference. And a comment by Ed friggin' Grimly on Letterman does not count for shit. I'd like to add the name Ottawa Naked Bootlegs to the mix as well Although it may cause some conflict with the Halifax Nakedbootlegs of the same name. nah, fuck it. A Canadian would know the difference.
  9. I hate it. Some of his worst work to date. You can always throw the old band back together but if the songs you're going to play suck, then they suck. I hope for all the people getting tickets to this show that he plays numerous older songs. Critically yours, Grumpy Pants PS-I really hope that Brittney Spears doesn't come to town and force the show to go to the Opera House. LOL!!!
  10. listened to 1st set this aft....nice quality.
  11. From the "spreadsheet" not sure if it's SBD but here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?u6zwj0ue0pgf5 **edit** Spreadsheet has this show labeled as an SBD
  12. Big Moon Ritual - Chris Robinson Brotherhood Sounds Like This - ALO Carry Me Back - OCMS YoYoMa - Goat Rodeo Sessions Punch Brothers - Who's Feeling Young Now has been an exceptional year for new releases ***My vote for worst album of the year, Traveler - Trey Anastasio
  13. That Suggie Otis album is gold. Never even heard of the guy before talk of a comeback. Thanks!
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