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Back from WEEN in Philly


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WHOA! Before I say anything about the show, let me just post the set list: (it might be a bit out of order)

Exactly where i'm at

Freedom of '76


Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)

Happy Colored Marbles

Final Alarm

Touch My Tooter

Roses Are Free

Push Th’ Little Daisies

Transdermal Celebration

Back to Basom

Birthday Boy

Buckingham Green


Bananas and Blow

What Deaner Was Talking About

Oh My Dear I Must Be Falling In Love

You Fucked Up

Stroker Ace

Pandy Fackler


Ocean Man

You Were The Fool



Pork Roll Egg & Cheese

I’ll be your Jonny on the Spot

Dr. Rock

I can’t put my finger on it


Honestly the BEST Ween show I have seen yet. As you can see, the set list was tailored for the fans. Awesome energy coming from the stage - the boys really seemed to be in good spirits! The crowd was a little dull but the weather was great.

Buckingham Green was perfectly tight and Gener was so on. And wtf - "Oh My Dear I Must Be Falling In Love" ???? Wow. I wasn't expecting THAT!

"Captain" seemed to drag on a little - but humorous none the less, since behind them was a big advertisement for Captain Morgan rum… and all day we kept running into the Captain himself.

The most phenomenal version of Fluffy I think I’ve ever heard - I had to sit down at this point.

But then jumped to my feet when they came back to play Pork Roll Egg & Cheese - And just when I thought I wouldn't get it, they rocked out Jonny on the Spot and I went ballistic!!

Topped it all off "I can’t put my finger on it" - and what a way to end things off. I love this tune… especially live. Wonderful eerie sounding solo by gener on the vocals at the beginning of the tune – loved it.

Man... what a great night.

Oh yeah... and we spotted Wook #17!





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we sure did see wook #17! i walked past him... stopped dead in my tracks, did a total about face, walked around him again very slowly to confirm, and wow. he's much better looking in real life. :) he's chopped all his hair off too. i *almost* talked to him, but in the end, decided not to... after all, i was wearing my ween shirt, and as such, he may have been frightened. he's already famous enough and has enough people pestering him, so i figured i'd let him be.

as for the show...


for words, i am at a loss.

*** WOW!!!! *** what a seamless fricken mission. the drive was about 9-1/2 hours (worth every single second), no border troubles, hotel was BEAUTIFUL and about a minute walk from the venue (heh heh, we were even on the 13th floor, how weird is that). philadelphia is a really cool city, there was a great little shopping district full of all these eclectic little stores within walking distance, it was great fun roaming around.

off to the festival, where we arrived to see hank III already on stage. he busted into that "i'm here to put the dick in dixie... and the c**t back in count-ry" song right after we arrived, which was awesome. yeah, like LMP said, watching the kids mini-mosh around in the bouncy castle while the slayer covers were busted out was freakin' hilarious indeed.

the first bit of particle's set was great, got my groove on for sure. i was glad each act (other than ween of course) played for only an hour though, as we were all frothing for the boognish, and as such, i got bored of the other bands pretty quickly. galactic also started off great, had this lovely woman singer (sorry i forget her name... something "T" i think?), but they got a bit noodly after awhile, and at that point i was super antsy for ween.

as soon as galactic ended, i scampered off to get as close as i could to take pictures when ween came on. somehow i magically scored a front row spot with no trouble at all (YESSS!!!!!), and i was surrounded by very nice, hardcore fans, and even had room to dance. up front it was a great crowd, everyone was singing along to all the songs and going pretty much buck wild.

ween's set was absolutely fricken AMAZING! i was going absolutely ballistic (i almost started crying when they came on i was so happy). the boys were in such fine form, dead on with everything, they looked like they were having a ton of fun, and they really went all out. oh my dear i must be falling in love really looked like it was a spur of the moment decision by gener... what a treat! the setlist was enough to make you barf, words cannot even express how amazing it really was. WOW. they played from light into twilight into darkness, and being able to be that close to them made it that much more surreal. it definitely reminded me why they are my favourite band in the universe.



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hahahah, i love your picture turnaround time, pink! high fives to you, we haven't even been home for 24 hours yet, and not only are they developed, but they're already up on your site. good job! and what an excellent way to view them for the first time. :D nice one, they actually turned out pretty well considering it was a disposable camera! can't wait to see the rest. by the way, thanks so much for letting me take one of your cameras up to the stage with me since i so stupidly left mine at home. haha.

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What a great show.

It seemed like every song they played was a bust out. I tell you seeing Ween so close to their home is a treat I won't soon forget. By far the best Ween show I've ever seen. I was particularly impressed by the versions of songs that I've never heard them do live before. Like "you were the fool". I was amazed at how "jammy" it was. They didn't even give me a chance to recover from one surprise before feeding another one to us. I half remember telling someone this week after seeing the slip that I thought that Ween were are a band with more heart than skill. I'd like to eat those words now. Got any ketchup?

What a great city.

Highlights included watching the fully vieled muslim lady examining the I "heart" my vagina T-shirt in a boutique, (authentic)Philly Cheese Steaks, Boat Cars with quacking tourists, The "I'm a Nympho what's your excuse?" T shirt on the pregnant lady in heels, The compleate disinterest of the crowd in Captain Morgan's antics, The older conservative looking woman shaking her booty to Hank Wiliams Jr. Jr.'s "Put C*ck back in Rock and the C*nt back in County", Staying on the 13th floor of the Hyatte, and of course getting to spend 2 days with 2 Sassy Classy Lassies.

Thanks LMP and Palace Princess for a fantastic road trip.

Here are some video clips and pics off of the ween bord

Can't put my finger on it intro

Oh My Dear(I must be falling in love)


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