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Happy birthday Ollie!

Cosmic ChrisC

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Yep, it's Ollie's birthday!! We'll be celebrating all day. Sorry, we're not going to Jones Beach, or Phish. But hey, we can listen to the Coventry broadcast tonight!

Last year, on August 14th, we were in Toronto during the blackout. That moment cannot be beat. It was fun!! Seeing the stars from downtown Toronto. Way cool!

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happy b-day to ya! hope you have a great day!

I honestly think they should have a "blackout day" every year on the anniversary of the blackout, shut down the power from noon that day until noon the next... I know the banks and large corporations will be dead set against it but I think the blackout was one of the best events to happen in the new millenium, brought lots of people from all walks of life together for a day and made people appreciate what they take for granted every day

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