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Roll Call: nero @ Mavericks (Ottawa), 9/18


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Yep. You taping Brad? And did anyone tape the Canada Day show?

Yup, I'm planning on getting to the bar about 9:30pm, and hope to tape both bands. I'm not sure about Canada Day, as I missed the show (I'm writing an epic poem, "40 Main Destroyed My Brain"...I'll probably be skipping the warm-up tomorrow, but hope to be at the warm-down), but aberg83 may have got one of the sets.



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I would just like to extend my "Hello" 's out now. There is no way I am going to be in ANY form to know what is up or down tonight.

Considering I have been bent out of shape with a cold for 2 days, and that I have pumped in a fair amount of cold-medication this afternoon, not to add that I am on my 3rd Grolsch, you can expect to see an Ozone'd Booche tonight.


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