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A log-on hello


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hey all you kind friendly people,

Well I finally took the plunge and have decided it was time to immerse myself in your wonderful world of events, actions and tomfoolery! Gone are the days that I live vicariously through Keri - or backbacon as we all know and love him.

I've certainly met a number of you (all Chatham folk, Bouche, Ms Huxtable, Graham and more I'm sure) and I look forward the connections that will continue to form!

That said, I have a bit of an ulterior motive.....some thank yous.

Mark Tonin - thanks for Friday night.......always a wonderful pleasure meeting up with you. The event you put together wore your personality a hundred times over......great bands, great people, great energy!! Can't wait to meet up with you again.

Pete & Tasha,

Tasha, I really hope you're feeling better and many thanks to both of you for your undying hospitality. You make it so comfortable in your home that it feels like we're stepping into our own home.

Scott & Deb

Thank you both as well for your amazing energy and hospitality! It was so much fun seeing both of you and enjoying time with kindred spirits.


WOW.......you're awesome!!!! GREAT energy and I have no doubt many more good times to come!

And as the circle of life plays out, new friends are inevitable (and absolutely welcome). That said, with new friends we sometimes say goodbye to old ones. So, if anybody wants some new friends.....Kuipers and his wife are up for grabs......anybody who wants 'em can have 'em 8^)

Mud and I are off to Peterborough tonight....we'll see yas at Nero tomorrow night and if not hopefully at the Burties on Saturday in TO.

Take Care all,

Lots of love,


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So nice to have you on board the board. My late night / early morning conversation with you and Mud at the last Come Together Music Fest was one of those special moments that means I will always feel connected to you. Plus I love it when I hit the dance floor and see you there ... so much energy!!!

Peace, love, hugs and music!


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BABBER!! Finally made it did ya bro. I think with you and Mudd on board, us Chathamites can take this shit over. Watch out Ottawa [smile]

It should also be noted that my Greeting to you is my 420th post! KARMA!

Babs, are you and Mudd coming back to Chatham on Friday? If so, i may be in for the trip.

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