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Gas Shortage?


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the last few days i neticed a few stations had caution tape around the pumps, then yesterday when i filled up, it was a war for the pumps, gas was like 97, so i was a bit confused.

tonight I went out and every gas station i passed had caution tape around the pumps and the signes were off. I really needed gas but couldnt find any. went by 7 stations.all nothing.

i went into the one by my house to get smoke, and the guy said the had no gas, and would for at least a few day

Watch the news and found out the scoop, big refinary blew up the USA.

anyone know anything about this?

I literaly cant leave my house in my car, unless its to a gas stationg with in maybe 10 that for sure has gas.

this is sketchy.

plus i was planning on head out east in 3 weeks, now i'm getting worried i might not be able to get any gas to drive.

anyone been hearing about this? is it just toronto?

i didn't really hear abou tthis on the news and I watch alot. I'm guessing they tried to keep it quite to avoid a panic

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Gas Shortage caused by fire at Nanticoke refinery

stations are open around here but the prices are all up too

Last week's fire was the second one at an Imperial refinery in two months. An explosion and fire destroyed a hydrocracking unit at the company's Sarnia, Ont. refinery in mid-December.

Thursday's fire at was one of several factors playing a role in the fuel shortage, Theberge said.

Others include:

* A dwindling supply caused by demand for ethanol

* The CN Rail strike, which has left Imperial Oil trucks unavailable to help transport fuel

* Cold weather, which has made it difficult for ships to transport fuel to Canada from the U.S. via the Great Lakes

"It's the straw that broke the camel's back," Theberge said of the fire at the Nanticoke refinery, southwest of Hamilton on the north shore of Lake Erie.

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Got unlimited transportation for $100 a month' date=' that is fucking cheap! I love this city!!![/quote']

In Hamilton we get it for $65! And if you don't have a monthly pass, you can use your $1.70 fare to travel on unlimited routes in any direction for two hours - including round trips and stopovers. ;-)

Yeah, but who wants to be in Hamilton! :P

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