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Grateful Fest 8

afro poppa

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click on events and then scroll down to Grateful Fest...the website looks shady but I can garantee you this is the best festy around (just ask tigger, baj, hippyrastachild, or captainsunshine)

Seals and JGB, Donna, Zero, Keller, Greyboy All Stars, DSO, Pnuma Trio, even the last Phix show...and thats just the beginning...


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Ari, I'm so excited about this.. Me and Baj looked at the line-up last night after a text from the Party Warrior.. We didn't wear a diaper like his advice, and we should have cause I almost shit my pants...

I'm super excited... I've seen Greyboy Allstars about about 5 or 6 late nights and I'm so stoked to see them at Nelson Ledges dancing in the SAND!

Are you going to be back for this?? I really hope so..

Me and Baj are going to go up early and get a kick ass spot ready for the gooooooopin weekend from heaven...

THIS is what festivals are about right here.. GRATEFULFEST!!!

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Would Baj & Captain Sunshine be looking for someone to split the cost of gas with?

My arm could be twisted. THat picture with the raft looks beautiful!

Although I suppose Tara would be visiting with the fam while down there?

Keep me in mind if you're looking for road trip companions...

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This sure does sound fun.

Looking at the pictures you posted, Captainsunshine, made me think of a time when we were swimming there (Hookah Bash) and Backbacon is swimming around a pile of people in the shallow end and he looks up and yells to us ,"Hey guys, I didn't even pee in here today" - ha ha too funny!

That place rocks - I really want to get back there this year. I'd love to go to Grateful Fest but if I go to one, I'd probably want to see Hookah there again.

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This sounds better than Bonnaroo.

4 nights of D.S.O.

I will be there

If you want to see Grateful Dead cover bands all weekend then YES it is. I don't think Bonnaroo ever set out to be a festival devoted to The Grateful Dead.

I've toyed with the idea of heading down to this for SO many years now! I really wish Phix weren't on the bill but I guess if I end up going I can just go out to the cars and huff nitrous just like an ACTUAL Phish show!

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Baj has done a good job convincing me to bring the wife and kids down to this one. Looks fantastic!!! For the past 3 years we have been going to the Great Blue Heron Festival and it seems to be falling on the same weekend as Grateful Fest :( Hmmmmmm...


I see that Big Leg Emma is gonna be there ... they are a blast!

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