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Thom Yorke named as one of the best singers ever


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Rolling Stone said so:

Q magazine bravely attempted to name the Best and Worst singers ever. They did a good job, wisely going big with Elvis as the top choice. We’re going small, naming the definitive five singers in each category.

Save your anti-Celine rants for Tuesday: We’ll list the best today and the worst tomorrow.

Here are our five picks for the best singers ever.

Aretha Franklin

Frank Sinatra

Dusty Springfield

Thom Yorke

Billie Holiday

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i don't get it, is the typo where you spelled his name wrong, or what?

he's an amazing singer... you've heard ok computer i'm sure.

i'd put freddie mercury at the top of any such list (if the list was ROCK or popular music singers), but Thom Yorke is certainly a good choice

In my opinion.... =)

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How do you feel about Neil Young's vocals?

Or Willie Nelson - I'd have written him off as an awful singer until I started paying closer attention and appreciating the timbre of his voice.

I'd throw in Adrian Belew and Lowell George as great singers, but I still don't know what the restrictions of the category are....

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Guest Low Roller

Way to go Thom! You've been established and embraced as one of the greatest by the king of all mainstream music media! Truly this is the day of your comeuppance... Now THROW IT BACK IN THEIR FACE! Reject the praise and claim that you do not desire Rolling Stones' validation! Continue to make brilliant music that is fueled by angst and antiestablishmentarianism.

The Clock



(sorry Andre, the song you wanted is no longer up on YouTube....)

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