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Best female rock singer ever!


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How about those days when you can't even be bothered to put some music on, or do something to lift your mood? Days like that I usually just mindlessly surf the internet but that only makes me feel worse for having wasted my evening.

the pieces of the puzzle that is ollie seem to be taking shape

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just joking there bud
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"Ummm, Janis who? Chrissie asked her friend Bjork."

you had me until Bjork... She's my favourite female singer ever, but I don't think she fits into the rock category.

Janis and Chrissie indeed! (I hope you're talking Chrissie Hynde, right?)

as for other genres - lucinda, allison krauss, gillian welch, julie doiron, pj harvey, cat power... i could go on and on.

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please, bjork couldn't hold courtney's vomit cup. chrissie hynde is major hot, though.

courtney had some good stuff in her. good rawk stuff. but as far as singing - she sounded like a vomit cup beside Bjork.

check out Hole's version of Gold Dust Woman from The Crow soundtrack. Great version. I'll post it this evening if you haven't heard it.

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If Bjork isn't rock, would you not also say the same about Janis?

Was she not a blues singer?

haha i knew this would happen. isn't rock a subset of blues or the other way around?

i can't remember the last riff or fill or standard blues rock anything in a bjork song, so i feel fine segregating her.

janis rocked with the blues and everything else! so she's in rock. :)

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you know, i've actually really developed an appreciation for courtney love over the last few months. i've always thought she was smart, funny & fascinating, but i was never a die hard hole fan, so beyond the kurt connection, i didn't know much about her. i got her book as a gift for christmas (a collection of diary entries, pictures & miscellanous bits of her life -- incl. her rejection letter from the mickey mouse club -- her audition consisted of reading a sylvia plath poem... she was 11. haha), and she has led one hell of a life. reform schools, juvenile hall, one of the most fucked up families you can possibly imagine, and she's lived all over the world. japan, new zealand, england, ireland, all over the u.s. it's a very intimate look into her life, which of course includes kurt (who i have always loved immensely).

in addition to that, a few months ago, i found this website that she posts messages on from time-to-time (and yes, it is really her -- i don't think anyone on this planet could fake the things that come out of her head). the media has always portrayed her to be such a monster, so you can imagine how shocking it was to discover that courtney love has a very kind, sweet, endearing and downright adorable side to her. she is sober, she has a fantastic-sounding daughter that she loves more than anything, she is ambitious, she is hard working and she is a survivor.

plus she is badass, not afraid to speak her mind, and nothing against janis' talent, but what has janis done lately? oh yeah, that's right, courtney is the one that's still alive (against all odds). janis is arguably a legend, but courtney is WAY more rock n' roll.

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